The postman rang my bell (twice)

I love getting packages. Last week I got 2 of them.

We spent a few days, not so long ago at a 4 star hotel by a lake. Image



After coming home I realized I left my 2 favorite dresses in the closet:( So that was package number one. The hotel was nice enough to mail me my dresses:)

Package number two was a prize. I won 2 english childrens books. I won it on a blog that is about raising bilingual children.



I do believe that teaching a second language at a young age is important. I have taken Blackberry #1 to all kinds of english classes since he couldn’t even talk yet. But with Blackberry #2 I will try even harder. When he was born I would sing Somewhere over the rainbow to him. Now he is a bit bigger his favorite is when I sing David Guetta’s Titanium to him. He is all smiles:)

Have you received any good packages lately?

Do you talk, sing to your children in a second language?

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