The Husband and I met 7 years ago today. We met on an on-line dating site called He wrote me and we started exchanging emails. He had a really small webcamera  photo of himself so I was hesitant at first but after 1 week of emails he asked if we could meet. We met in front of the University Library and went to a greek restaurant then for a stroll. It turned out that we went to the same elementary school, but we didn’t remember one and other. After knowing each other for 2 weeks (out of which I spent one week in Rome with a friend:), we moved in together. He started talking about kids really soon, and after a visit to a book store where we looked at a book of baby names, we named out future baby Helena.  Well Helena never happened but we are blessed with 2 beautiful boys:) After 8 months we were married and after 1 year and 6 weeks Blackberry #1 was born.



Have you ever tried on-line dating?

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Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 3/: Eating

Some things I ate this weekend:

Dobos Cake:


Fried Mozarella with croquette potatoes filled with apples:


Blackberry #1 eating chicken and fish soup:




This last photo is also our outfit of the day. He is sporting his new military vest from Terranova.

Blackberry #2 eating his first ever Ladyfinger (Sponge-finger):



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Wine Square

Every September the city’s oldest square: Cathedral Square turns into Wine Square, a Wine Festival.

The Cathedral situated on the square was built about 100 years ago. It is the fourth largest church in Hungary. The towers are both 91m high. The square is surrounded by buildings of the University.

In the summer the square turns into a summer open air theather where musicals and operas are performed.






They had kids programs:








This was an exciting Wine Festival for me, because I actually got to taste wine. I haven’t been able to drink alcohol for about 2 years (TTC, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding). I tried 2 types of white wine both from the Tokaj Wine region. One of the wines I tasted was Kedves Cuvee 2012 (Nice Cuvee 2012) from the Tokajicum winery. It is a sweet wine, in the aroma you can discover apricots and dried figs and you can taste ripe pears. So it is a fruitfull sweet wine. Really yummy 🙂


Blackberry #1 is a real gourmet, he wanted to sniff my wine glass after I drank it:


What is wine without cheese?:


We also bought strudels. Apple, Sour cherry, Poppy seed and Chesnut:


Have you ever been to a wine festival?


Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 2/ With Current Favorite Toy

Blackberry #2’s favorite toy is Logan the Lion from LAMAZE:




Blackberry #1’s favorite toy besides Lego is a ball, any kind: Image

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Stay At Home Mom

Today marks the one year anniversary of me not working, but staying at home and caring for the boys.


This is my second round of being a stay at home Mom (SAHM). I stayed home with Blackberry #1 for 2 years and 2 months before going back to work.

I remember back then I always thought that being a stay at home Mom was way harder than when I was working 🙂

Then I went back to work full time, and still had to do everything else then before, so that was even more harder!

The best part about going to work was being able to go to the bathroom alone  🙂 and having lunch with other adults while I only needed to feed myself and no one else:)

This time around I am truly enjoying being a SAHM! Blackberry #2 will be my last child so I am trying to soak all the joys of being home with a baby.

Here in Hungary the government supports women to stay at home for a longer amount of time after birth. If you qualify (meaning you had a job for about 2 years before giving birth) then first you get TGYAS  for the first about 6 months, which is close to the amount you got as a salary before. From when the baby is 6 months to 2 years old you get GYED, which is calculated according to your salary but it is also maximalised so it cannot be more than  70 % of the minimal wage x2.  And than from when the child is 2 years to 3 years old, you can get Gyes, which is really a small amount of money enough maybe to buy nappies for  2 months. But at least there is an opportunity for Moms here to choose to stay at home. The only problem with staying at home is that alot of work places don’t take you back after you are ready to return.

Also part time jobs are very rare which would be ideal for women with small children.

Most people still think SAHM-s don’t do much, but any SAHM will tell you that is not the case 🙂

There is never enough hours in a day.

Even though I don’t need my Masters degree in biology or my Ph.D. in Theoretical Medical Sciences to fill this job, it is still the best job in the world 🙂

Here are some funny stuff from Pinterest:

Stay at home mom at that!

said every stay at home mom, ever

Stay at home mom

Stay at home mom minus kids! Lol

Stay at home Mom. The bottom left is what my mother thinks I do. Lol

Are you or have you ever been or would you one day want to be a Stay at Home Mom?

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Weekend photo Challenge Week 1: Cuddly

I decided to take part in a weekend photo challenge I read about on kukolina’s blog:

and she read about it on at:


So this is week 1: Cuddly

Here is Blackberry #1 and his wife cuddling 🙂 They met in the hospital when they were born 3 days apart. They have been friends ever since.


This is what they look like now: DSCN2293 and one more:

Blackberry #1 and his cousin cuddling 🙂


if anybody would like to join the photo challenge it would be great!


Fish Soup Festival

Our city is located on the banks of the river Tisza. So fresh water fish and fish soup is very popular here.

This weekend was the 17th fish soup festival!

So the boys and I went, even though Blackberry #2 is too small for fish, Blackberry #1 only eats frozen fish sticks and I don’t really like fresh water fish, I am more into salmon and tuna….



They have this huge cauldron in which they make 14 000 portions of fish soup! You can also buy fish soup in a bunch of other places.

If you don’t want fish soup you can buy fish in other forms:


Blackberry #1 and his little friends enjoying the festival:


We had to stop for some sweets (gummy worms):Image

Blackberry #1 loves Kurtoskalacs (Chimney cake). It is a delicious pastry made entirely from natural ingredients. The pastry dough is wrapped like a ribbon around a wooden cylinder or roller and then baked in a Chimney Cake oven. Once baked, the hot, sticky pastry is rolled in toppings such as sugar, cinnamon, walnut or coconut. We have to buy this at every festival 🙂



Have you been to any good festivals lately?

Farmers Market Haul

Saturday morning we went to the farmers market with the boys. We went pretty late around 11 am, but it was still busy. Early birds go to the market at 6 am, but that is not us 🙂 I think Fall is my favorite time to go to the Market because of all the amazing colours!

The boys at the market:


The inside of the market:


The outside of the market:




Strange way to advertise live fresh water fish! It wasn’t effective for me, we left without buying fish:


And here is what we bought:




White grapes, Black grapes (hurray for the Resveratrol inside them), Red currant, Blueberries, Cherry tomatoes, Bananas, Apple, Lemon, Peaches.


Fresh bread, Bio joghurt blueberry flavour and some junk food: Nestea Ice tea, Pom bar cheese flavour chips, Milka Tuc (very strange Milka chocolate with Tuc salty crackers inside!) and Oreo cookies.

Is there a Farmers Market near you?


Frosted Banana Bars

I have been wanting to make a banoffee pie for a while now. But every time I check out a recipe it says something different from the one before. So I am confused and since I have never had banoffee pie before I have no idea which recipe is the best. If anybody can help me out I would be really happy 🙂

So again I had the bananas ready and they started getting the little brown spots on them but got scared of the banoffee pie project, again, so I had to do something with them.

If I had read Camilla’s post a few hours earlier I would have made her recipe for sure:

But I read it right after I finished baking.

So what did I end up baking?

Frosted banana bars. I found the recipe on Pinterest.

This is what they are supposed to look like:

Frosted Banana Bars ~ Soft and yummy banana bars topped with a cream cheese frosting? via


and this is how mine turned out:



I followed the recipe, except for the frosting I added half the amount of sugar suggested, and also added the juice of half of a lemon. Even this way the frosting was too sweet for my taste at first, but after one night in the fridge it was just right. Anyway they were yummy and now all of them are gone 😦

Have you baked anything yummy lately?