Farmers Market Haul

Saturday morning we went to the farmers market with the boys. We went pretty late around 11 am, but it was still busy. Early birds go to the market at 6 am, but that is not us 🙂 I think Fall is my favorite time to go to the Market because of all the amazing colours!

The boys at the market:


The inside of the market:


The outside of the market:




Strange way to advertise live fresh water fish! It wasn’t effective for me, we left without buying fish:


And here is what we bought:




White grapes, Black grapes (hurray for the Resveratrol inside them), Red currant, Blueberries, Cherry tomatoes, Bananas, Apple, Lemon, Peaches.


Fresh bread, Bio joghurt blueberry flavour and some junk food: Nestea Ice tea, Pom bar cheese flavour chips, Milka Tuc (very strange Milka chocolate with Tuc salty crackers inside!) and Oreo cookies.

Is there a Farmers Market near you?


7 thoughts on “Farmers Market Haul

  1. Well, as coincidence would have it, we also went to a farmer’s market today – or at least that’s how they advertised it. They were selling things like imported wine and imported ice cream which says a lot about Singapore and its relationship to primary production, but they did have tractor and pony rides and lots and lots of mud.

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