Fish Soup Festival

Our city is located on the banks of the river Tisza. So fresh water fish and fish soup is very popular here.

This weekend was the 17th fish soup festival!

So the boys and I went, even though Blackberry #2 is too small for fish, Blackberry #1 only eats frozen fish sticks and I don’t really like fresh water fish, I am more into salmon and tuna….



They have this huge cauldron in which they make 14 000 portions of fish soup! You can also buy fish soup in a bunch of other places.

If you don’t want fish soup you can buy fish in other forms:


Blackberry #1 and his little friends enjoying the festival:


We had to stop for some sweets (gummy worms):Image

Blackberry #1 loves Kurtoskalacs (Chimney cake). It is a delicious pastry made entirely from natural ingredients. The pastry dough is wrapped like a ribbon around a wooden cylinder or roller and then baked in a Chimney Cake oven. Once baked, the hot, sticky pastry is rolled in toppings such as sugar, cinnamon, walnut or coconut. We have to buy this at every festival 🙂



Have you been to any good festivals lately?

7 thoughts on “Fish Soup Festival

  1. I love those chimney cakes too, a shop just opened up in Sydney just before we left. I would be in heaven at this mkt……I’m popping off to the truffle market next weekend and I can’t wait!!

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