Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 4/: Love that outfit!

I have been sick all week, so mainly I have been in my pjs. That is why only the kids will model outfits this week.

Sometimes I feel that it would be easier to take pictures of gorillas with Dian Fossey, than to take pictures of kids.

This weekend was no different.

Blackberry #1 did not want his picture taken, so he was not willing to smile:(


He is wearing jeans from H&M and his favorite Star Wars long sleeve shirt. We have one Star Wars fan on our hands…

Blackberry #2 used to stay where you put him, but now he rolls over and starts to crawl away in a nanosecond:



His hoodie and pants outfit is from the GAP.

Check out others who are taking part in the challenge this week:


7 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 4/: Love that outfit!

  1. Thanks for being a good spirit and participating again in the photo challenge despite your illness. Get better soon!

    Smiles or no smiles your boys are cute!!!

    xoxo, Eszter

    • Yes I think this Star Wars phase will not fade fast. But I don’t mind. We also have a CARS phase. Thank you, I showed my self to the pediatrician today (I don’t have time to see a normal doctor:) and I have bronchitis, got some antibiotics, so I am hoping I will start to fell betetr soon, I cough so much I haven’t been able to sleep at all:(

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