Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 5/: Sleeping

So this week the theme is sleeping!

I like this theme. For one it is easier to take a photo of :)

As for me I don’t have any pictures of me sleeping, since I am the one taking the pthotos. HA-HA

Also I have a 10 month old, so sleep is not one thing I get alot of. Sleeping is my hobby nowdays, and one thing I long for:)

If I had a choice to go to the cimena or sleep, I would sleep…

Ok, you get the point, I am majorly sleep deprived.

So here are some sleeping beauties:

Blackberry #1:




Fotok.2008.mar-2009.szept 194

Check out those eyelashes!:)

2010.feb-maj 175

In this photo Blackberry #1, when he was mini, is getting ready for bed. Check out the pumpkin pjs! Ha-ha. Blackberry #1 was a pacifier addict! He usually walked around with 3 of them, 1 in his
mouth and 2 more in each of his hands…
Then when he was nearly 3, he yawned and dropped his paci into the toilet. OH-OH! I told him the Pacifier Fairy takes these pacis and brings a small gift instead. For a few days he would ask, when
is the Pacifier Fairy cleaning his paci and bringing it back, but after he got a Mater car (from CARS), he stopped asking, and finally our pacifier days were over.


Here Blackberry #1 is playing sleep with his cousin.

2010.Toscana 475

Sleeping with Blackberry Daddy.

and nowdays:


Blackberry #2:



Poor baby had his blood drawn:(

And here are some sleeping seals in San Francisco at pier 39:)

Fotok.2008.mar-2009.szept 401

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15 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 5/: Sleeping

  1. Thanks:) I wish I lived around San Francisco:) My Brother used to live in Palo Alto, in Silicon Valley, and when I visited him that is when I took a photo of the seals. I live in Europe in the central-eastern part in Hungary.

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