Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 7/: Posing

This challenge is not easy. Blackberry #2 doesn’t know how to pose yet and Blackberry #1 doesn’t like it if I photograph him, he usually runs away. So it is rare to catch him posing.


Blackberry #1 posing, comparing “his wings” to other bird’s wings πŸ™‚


Blackberry #1 posing while hiking.


Blackberry #1 posing 2 days ago at the train station while we went to pick up my brother.

Check out the other bloggerinas taking part:

6 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 7/: Posing

  1. Ah, the photo challenge. I will definitely have to try and join in again next week (what’s next week again??)

    Meanwhile, I know what you mean about kids who won’t sit still. But there must be a trick because my mother in law seems to be able to train them to pose.

    Love the birdwing shot. Big wings for a little boy!

    • Yes please join πŸ™‚ Next week is “Out and about”! So that should be easy for you:)
      Next week is the last week.

      Please ask your Mother in law her trick. I want to know the secret.

      That birdwing board is such a great idea!

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