Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 8/: Out and About


Mini Blackberry #1 Out and About in Pisa, Italy in front of the Tower 🙂


Same place 2 years later 🙂


Mini Blackberry #1 and I Out and About in Croatia.


Out and About in San Diego, California.

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 8/: Out and About

  1. It would seen we have been been to the same counties.
    I love italy we spend our delayed honeymoo In rome. And just the summer of 2011 we spend two amazing weeks in croatia. I loved it. We drive to criatia from Poland. Never again.

      • Croatia was 16 hours straight which we did on the way home. On the way there we went via Vienna and stayed for two nights.
        We went to split and to two other places which I will need to Google lol. 🙂 I fell in love with spilt maybe I will share some of ny photos from there soon. I just love the buildings. The colours and the architecture.

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    • Thanks! You should definitely go. The kids would love it, and your husband would love it as well, great food 🙂 We have been thinking about going to the UK 🙂 My brother works in Cambridge at the university and he lives mainly in London.

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