Birthday Cake Part 2! Blackberry #1 turns 6 :)

So on Wednesday Blackberry #1 turned 6! In my previous post I showed you some of his previous cakes, and asked for some advice on what kind of cake he should have this year. I got some really good answers :), but Blackberry #1 solved the problem by presenting his birthday wish: he wanted a rainbow cake!

I went to the cake shop, and told the baker we wanted a rainbow cake. He looked at me like I was from Mars (or rather Venus, since men are from Mars and women are from Venus 🙂 so he has never heard of a rainbow cake before! I am guessing he has never seen Pinterest before either, because than he would have seen millions of rainbow cakes before 🙂

So I explained to him what I wanted and kept my fingers crossed that he would do a good job 🙂

And here is the result:


It was a marzipan cake with chocolate-banana filling 🙂

It was pretty and delicious too 🙂


We even had fireworks on it, and 6 candles ofcourse!


He was very happy with his cake 🙂


And the surprise came after cutting the first slice! Rainbow inside! 🙂



This is Blackberry #1 after he was born, still at the hospital 🙂


And Blackberry #1 with Blackberry #2 on his 6th birthday!

Happy Birthday Blackberry #1! 🙂

Did the baker do a good job?

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