Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas or just simply SANTA


(Our Advent calendar)

Santa in many western cultures, is said to bring gifts to the homes of the good children on the night before Christmas, December 24. However in some European countries children receive their presents on St. Nicholas’ Day, December 6.

In Hungary, children typically leave their – preferably well-cleaned – boots on the windowsill on the evening of 5 December. By next morning Nikolaus (Szent Miklós traditionally but more commonly known as Mikulás in Hungary) leaves candy and gifts if they have been good, or a rod (Hungarian: virgács) if they have been bad (most children end up getting small gifts, but also a small rod). 

So we put out our boots on the night of december 5th, and voila Santa filled them:



Blackberry #1 was very happy with his Transformer robot and chocolates.

We also went to the mall to see Santa!

They had a Thomas the Tank engine train to ride 🙂




Blackberry #1 had to sing to Santa to get his present ( a chocolate and a long flexible pencil)


Do you celebrate St. Nicholas’ Day?

14 thoughts on “Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas or just simply SANTA

  1. I had friends from Holland growing up and we always received delicious almond pies on our doorstep every December 6th. I still crave those delicious treats! Here in Thailand, I have been unable to find an advent calendar, so Chad and I have made an advent box for Z, where she picks one candy or toy out of a box every day until Christmas. I do miss the chocolates that come in the advent calendars back home though.

  2. Ok ok I need to go back and read your post but first I had to comment you have CADBURY’s in Hungry! ? Wahhhh! ! !I I wish it would be in Poland. 😥 Whenever I go to the UK I fill my suitcase with at least 5KG of cadburys chocolate.

    • Here in Hungary, Christmas happens on the night of dec.24th, we decorate the tree the same day too. And little Jesus or Angel brings the presents. So generally no Santa at Christmas. But We like Santa, so I also put up stockings and for us Santa also puts something in out stockings, but other people dont do this.

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