Happy Holidays!

Here in Hungary we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, december 24th. We put up the tree the same day too, and there is no Santa on Christmas. Little Jesus brings the presents. We always spend Christmas Eve at my parent’s house.

Here is our Christmas in Pictures:




My brother and his girlfriend with the fish soup he made.



Stuffed cabbage.



Christmas cookies.



Szaloncukor (Parlour candy).









Family photo. Blackberry #1 not willing to participate.


15 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Christmas eve is when families gather here too but we stay up until 12mn and have noche buena feast. The kids open their gifts after the meal and we go to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. It has been fun learning about Christmas traditions from all over the world 🙂

    • What kind of food do you eat for the noche buena feast? I like this version, sounds good 🙂 Don’t the kids fall asleep before the feast? Yes it is very interesting to learn how other cultures celebrate the holidays 🙂

      • We let the kids sleep early on the 24th after hearing Mass (because Santa will not come if they are awake LOL) and we wake them up at 12mn.
        We usually have ham (recipe coming up) and a lot of sweets like leche flan and fruit salad. We have Pancit for luck too or pasta. The kids open their gifts before or after the feast, depending on the level of excitement LOL. We go to sleep at around 3-4am but many do not end their parties until the sun is up! 🙂 It’s usually quite on Christmas mornings out here 🙂

  2. I love learning about the different Christmas traditions in different countries! I love that baby Jesus brings the gifts, not Santa. We have Santa fills stockings and we give each other gifts for Jesus’ birthday. That is more of our own family tradition, not a standard in America at all.
    I loved seeing the parlor candy hanging on the tree-I really am going to figure that out for next year!
    Btw.. beautiful family picture!

    • Thanks 🙂 Yes the parlour candies were on the tree, as usual, but we also leave some in a bowl, so it is easier to eat 🙂 I like the stocking tradition, so after celebrating the 24th, we also put out the stockings and over night Santa also comes to our house 🙂 and brings something small for Blackberry #1. But people don’t usually follow this tradition here. But I lived in the US for a while, so I brought this tradition with me 🙂

    • Keep convincing your husband 🙂 Tell him the Hungarian way 🙂 We also do the stockings, so by the 25th morning Santa also appears at our house. But that is not common here, I just brought this tradition from the US.

  3. Interesting to read yours and others’ traditions of celebrating Christmas. I see your little blackberry getting excited with the walker and he looks really cute. Over here we have many religions and Christians and Catholics celebrate them in traditional ways. People like me who is a Buddhist do not have traditional celebration but we love the Christmas mood and festivity on-goings. So, we also hold parties, exchange gifts, just to be in the fun!

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