Project 52, Week #4




Blackberry #2 learned to comb his hair this week 🙂


It has been snowing here for 48 hours now, so yesterday I took Blackberry #1 out to make snow angels in the snow 🙂

16 thoughts on “Project 52, Week #4

      • Much less snow, it hardly coveres the ground and today only -6 degrees, so in my opinion the perfect winter weather today (a few minus degrees always feel warmer than a few plus degrees, and a little snow on the ground to keep us busy and make it lighter but not too much to create a lot of hassle). But for the last couple of weeks it’s been “fresh” =-15 – -20 degrees.

  1. Cutie pictures as always ! Weve had a ton of snow and -20oC in the day even colder at night brrrr. So thankful we have a wood burner. We havent shown v how make snow angels yet but im sure he will love it next year.
    At what age did bb#1 start making them ?

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