My Knight in Shining Armour :)


Well Happy Valentines Day to everyone celebrating! Today is also Carnival day for Blackberry #1 at pre-school.

Carnival Day is one of the most anticipated days of the year 🙂

I made muffins for the occasion. Joghurt muffins :


At least I didn’t burn them 🙂 They did grow some funky tumors. But after I removed them they finally looked presentable.

BB1 was a knight 🙂

Here is a photo of him and his wife, who dressed up as a belly dancer:


Hard to believe that they were born only 3 days apart, BB1 being older 🙂 Girls sure do mature faster….

The costumes were really great: 3 tigers, lots of soccer players, 2 snowflakes, a Grape, 2 knights 🙂 , And ofcourse princesses.

21 thoughts on “My Knight in Shining Armour :)

  1. Wow she’s so tall! He looks so cool as a knight! A big brave knight.
    When I saw the picture of the muffins I did have a little giggle and I had to come read more about them. Great effort. More than some mothers would do.
    When we have days I’m my school where I work so many mother just buy from the store, I much preceded the homemade ones! !

  2. Muffins look delicious! Didn’t know you celebrate carnival too. I learned that one in Germany. It was so much fun for my au pair boys almost 20years ago, that I decided to start a new tradition of a Fasching inspired fancy dress party last year. This year it will be in a weeks time because this weekend we have other plans. What else is involved in your carnival? Great costumes! I love somebody dressing up as a grape 🙂

    • Thanks. The muffins were delicious 🙂 We call the carnival day here: Farsang 🙂 The kids dress up, there is lots to eat and drink, and they dance 🙂 And in some places they have a costume competition. But they don’t have it at preschool, which is ok, since kids hate loosing 🙂 The grape costume was made up of lots of green balloons 🙂

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