15 thoughts on “Project 52, Week #15

    • They have really cute Easter set ups here 🙂 They probably have something at your mall too 🙂 You have good eyes 🙂 BB#2 is already wearing his 2nd set of shoes. He is walking if you hold his hand. He sometimes tries to take a few steps by himself.

      • Hello Fanni.
        I hope you are o.k plus your Boys!
        Perhaps you missed it but I quitted the blog about two weeks ago with the last post about the writing process .
        I was thinking about it a long time now, I have to move forward .
        It says private because I still have the domaine but I don’t write anylonger. I have a lot of other things to short out.
        I wish you all the best !!!
        Might return sometime , I don’t know yet.
        Have a beautiful Summer.
        Xoxo Evi.

      • Hello,
        I missed your last post 😦 BB#1 had a preschool graduation then he was sick, and BB#2 is walking, so I have to follow him everywhere, so I had no time to read blogs 😦
        We are ok.
        I am sorry you quit the blog. I thought it was making you happy. I hope you do return sometime, you were really good 🙂
        Maybe you just need a break.
        I wish you all the best too 🙂
        I also wish you a lovely summer!
        I have come to really like you, and was wondering if you would like we can mabe exchange emails sometimes, when you have time.
        If not, I understand that too.
        is my personal email. You can write there and that way I will know your email.
        xoxo Fanni

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