A couple of days ago the Circus Eötvös came to town. This circus’s history goes back to 1894 when the czech Winiczky circus dynasty  came to Hungary and a nobleman Eötvös Ferencz, a baron, fell in love with the equestrianne Johanna. They got married and he joined their circus. They had a Son: Nandor who established the Eotvos circus in 1920. He had 12 children who have carried on the circus. BB#1 was really excited so we went to see the show. They had all the good stuff: clowns, acrobats, trained animals (parrots, horses, dogs looking like wolves and elephants), trapeze acts, jugglers. We got cotton candy for a snack 🙂


BB#1 waiting for the show to start.








And this topless italian God was my favorite part of the show 🙂 He flew around the tent like Superman 🙂

All photos (except first one) are taken from the Facebook page of Cirkusz Eotvos.

Have you ever been to the Circus?


7 thoughts on “Circus

  1. Wow! I’ve never been to a circus I’m not to sure how I feel about animals taking part in such an act sense why I’ve never been, although I do understand how some can find enjoyable.
    Sound’s like BB1 had a great time.

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