When I was small, my favorite holiday was Christmas. Since becoming an adult πŸ™‚ my favorite holiday has been easter. I love spring, and how Nature blooms and the weather gets warmer.

Some of our Easter decorations:



Every year my MOM makes ham, that is covered in dough:




This year my niece was/is visiting from the US, so we had 3 kids fro the egg hunt:



Blackberry #2Β  found his first egg:


Blackberry #1 with his easter loot:


In Hungary, the day following Easter is called LocsolΓ³ HΓ©tfΕ‘, “Watering Monday“. Men usually visit families with girls and women. Water, perfume is sprinkled on the women and girls of the house by the visiting men, who are given in exchange an Easter egg.Β 


Blackberry #1 watering his cousin πŸ™‚ The men always say a lovely poem first. They usually water on the hair, but you can always ask to get watered on your wrist, because imagine how stinky one’s hair will be by the end of the day, after being watered by all those different perfumes:)

And this is what “watering” used to look like in the olden days πŸ™‚ They used big buckets of cold water 😦

15 thoughts on “Easter

    • I’d never heard about watering Monday either until this weekend, on my visit to Salamanca, where my friends explained that it was a big celebration. Apparently, a few hundred years ago, a priest took it upon himself to remove all the prostitutes from the city during lent/Easter, depositing them safely on the other side of the river. On Watering Monday, he would go and haul them back into the city again, and ever since then, the Return of the Whores has been celebrated in Salamanca on Watering Monday. There’s even a special empanada (stuffed pastry) for it, an absolute MUST for Watering Monday lunch. We bought some πŸ˜‰ There’s a photo of it in my latest blog post, though I was too lazy to include the story.

  1. I too love reading about the different traditions! We have our own family one – there’s a prize for the best decorated hardboiled egg, then there’s a prize for the winner of the egg race..we hit the eggs around the garden with newspapers!! xxx

  2. I love Easter too, such a cheery holiday with all the beautiful pastels! I love all your photos, that ham looks delicious! I’ve also never heard of “Watering Monday”, I find it so neat to learn about what holidays other countries have that we don’t here. Belated Happy Easter to you and your family!

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