Ten Thoughts Tuesday, May 27th



(Picture taken from Atlanta Mom of Three 🙂


1. This is my first Ten thoughts Tuesday 🙂

2. Last week Husband was away all week on a work trip, touring Germany, The Netherlands and The Czeh Republic, so I was alone with the Blackberry boys.

3. BB#2 ofcourse became ill, the weekend before. He started running a fever so I had to take him to the pediatric ER. Every time he gets a fever he needs antibiotics as an  Endocarditis prophylactic. He got some antibiotics for his strep throat. It was not fun to be alone with a cranky baby all week 😦 He was not really willing to eat or drink, so I was also scared of dehydration 😦

4. By Monday I also caught the strep throat 😦

5. Also on Monday I went to the gynocologist. My pap smear results came back good 🙂 I also had an ultrasound because I have been having crazy cycles. It turned out I had 2 cycst in my ovaries 😦 Luckily they have disappeared by themselves, so that was good news.

6. The Gynocologist also sent me to my first mammography.

7. So on Thursday I had my first mammography. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. They also did a breast ultrasound. Luckily it looks like all is good in this area 🙂

8.I went to my first parent-teacher meeting at BB#1’S future elementary school. We got a 2 page list of all the things I need to buy 😦

9. So today we bought our first item from the list: a backpack, choosen by BB#1 himself 🙂

10. Image


My proud future First grader with his new backpack 🙂



12 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday, May 27th

  1. Yay, another TTT blogger! 🙂
    Erg, what is it with strep throat?! Sam was just miserable all weekend. 😦 FINALLY, at lunch today, he gave in and had some yogurt and it didn’t hurt his mouth!
    Sorry your husband was gone during the sickness – I always like mine to be around more when one of our kids is ill (I need a lot more moral support when they’re sick!)

    • I don’t like to be alone with the kids either when they are sick, but usually I am. And unfortunately Husband is no help when he is here either 😦 No moral support of any kind 😦 I think we need your book on marriage you have been writing about 😦

  2. Nice to hear an update from you, Great news about your health 🙂
    My results weren’t so good.
    I hope BB2 Is doing better now. It’s such a worry when they are sick. Even more so because he’s a preemie.
    Cool back pack ! I’m sure starting school is going to get expensive here too. In the UK everything is provided by the school. Books etc. I’ve heard in Poland the parent has to buy and provide everything the child needs.

    • Thanks. The school will provide the books, but everything else we will have to buy 😦 I haven’t bought anything since the backpack, except a jumprope. I don’t know what they will do with that but we have to take one….

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