Ten Thoughts Tuesday



1. I am one day late with this post, but I have been having pretty crappy days 😦

2. BB#1 has been ill. He developed a fever saturday morning and has been having a fever for 5 days now 😦 Satzrday night he had a fever of a 39.6 Celsius which I couldn’t bring down for like 6 hours. It was really stressful, I tried everything but nothing was working 😦 Today he is maybe a little better so I am hoping the fever will finally be gone. The pediatrician said he has a virus.

3. Sunday BB#2 fell and hit his face on a chair 😦 He developed something blue under his eye, so I paniced and took him to emergency care where they said he is ok, he only has a hematoma under his eye, that will spread and all turn purple / blue. So now he looks like he lost his boxing match 😦


he is sleeping in this photo.

4. So it has been hard to take care of both of them, while trying to keep them in seperate rooms, so BB#2 would not catch the virus.

5. It has also been frustrating not beeing able to go anywhere (except doctors offices) because of the fever.

6. I found a pretty good deal to a hotel in MALTA, and started getting all excited about the whole thing, but then for various reasons it was decided that we will not go abroad this year (again 😦 Husband has already said he will spend the vacation money on repairs for the car 😦 So I am disappointed 😦 We will however go to the “Hungarian sea” Lake Balaton for a few days at the beginning of July.

7. Even though my cysts from my ovaries are gone my cycle is still crazy 😦 So this is also driving me crazy.

8. This post is turning out to be pretty depressing 😦

9. We did finally leave the house today and went for a walk, it was good to get out, even if we only went to the pharmacy and to the playground.

10. I hope everyone will be healthy by the weekend and thing will be better.

9 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. Oh my goodness you poor thing. You’ve ever right to feel shitty.
    I hope the boys get better soon.
    I’ve only ever heard great things about Malta. I think it may our next destination if we can afford it.
    But the lake balaton is beautiful we stayed in a great apartment while we were there.
    Sorry to hear your cycles are crazy still that really sucks 😦

    • Thank you for your kind words. No fever today so far, so I hope it stays that way. I agree Malta looks great. Yes Lake Balaton is nice, but it would have been nice to go somewhere else for a change. But it is cheaper and easier to get there…I went to the Gynocologist and he subscribed some pill (hormones) to make my period come (I am on day 41), so now I cannot decide to take them, or to wait some more maybe it will appear by itself sometime. I don’t really like taking hormones….

    • Thank you for your kind words 🙂 BB#1 is feeling better, he already went bike riding today. Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe, you should visit it sometime 🙂 Singapore, Australia, Japan and Thailand sound more exotic to me 🙂

      • Yes, getting a lot of envious comments on the latest post on Thailand, but being Australian and now living in Singapore it doesn’t seem half as exotic as what’s in the backyards of other bloggers! It’s all about perspective.

        Glad BB#1 is on the mend.

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