Ten Thoughts Tuesday


1.BB#1 is finally healthy again and back in pre-school 🙂

2. BB#2 had 2 accidents in 1 week! Now he has a black eye and a bruised forehead 😦 I would love to put  a helmet on him all day long 🙂 He is all over the place 🙂

3. I think BB#2 already entered the terrible twos, even though he is only 18 months old. He is screaming his head off if he doesn’t get his way!

4. On saturday I took BB#1 to a party that was held at an adventure park. It was BB#1’s first time climbing the ropes between the trees. He is still not tall enough for some of the paths, so he gave up half way 😦 But he enjoyed it 🙂

5. I took BB#2 to his pediatrician today to get an electrocardiogram. He always freaks out at the cardiologist office, so I was hoping he would take it better from someone he knows better. It was not easy because he still sometimes screamed and ripped the electrodes off, and the machine did not want to work, but after singing to him he calmed down  bit and the machine finally worked so we were successful 🙂 We will take these results with us to the cardiologist, and I am hoping he will only need an ultrasound there.

6. I enrolled BB#1 for swimming classes. He will start next week, in july.

7. I also found him a speech therapist, because he has trouble with the “R” sound. We will start seeing the therapist next tuesday.

8. I baked raspberry-blueberry muffins today. They are yummy.

9. There was a really huge storm last night. i woke up to thunder at 3 am. Ice balls were falling and huge amount of rain. Again our roof couldn’t take it so we had leaking 😦 I was running around at 3 am putting pans under the leakings (is that even a word?)

10. Next week we leave for our vacation to lake Balaton, I hope the weather will be better than this week.

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