Ten Thoughts Tuesday



1.On Sunday BB#2 finally had a play date 🙂 It was nice to see our friends visiting from Austria.

2. Yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary. I got some flowers and we showed BB#1 our wedding video. He liked it, he said you looked pretty MOMMY 🙂 But that is all the romance one gets with 2 small kids 😦

3. Today I took BB#1 to his future elementary school to meet his teacher and his classmates. He had a good time I think, since he did not want to go home. His teacher asked me how old he is, so I guess she found him small 😦 I hope she will be an alright teacher, I do have some doubts….

4. Tommorrow I finally get to go to the hairdresser’s.

5. BB#1 is getting his hair cut tonight.

6. Friday will be BB#1’S BIG DAY. His pre-school graduation.

7. Apparently this is a big deal. I should buy him flowers and a present and they usually have a celebration lunch after the graduation. This is all new to me, so I am trying to arrange all these things this week, and I still have to figure out what I will wear.

8. My ex-boss has been calling me lately about old projects that happend 3 or even 8 years ago. It would be nice if all these unfinished projects would be published in a journal, and I would be happy that I didn’t work all those months (even years) for nothing… One of my projects (I am first author in this project) is pending because of the polish boss, so I told the ex-boss to contact the polish boss to give him a nudge to submit our paper.

9. The husband has given me the big task of finding our perfect holiday destination, so I am surfing the net at nights when the boys are asleep. He wants to go to somewhere here in Europe by the sea. Any suggestions? I was thinking of maybe some island.

10. WordPress has been strange in the last couple of days, it has not  been letting me insert photos 😦 Yesterday was my lucky day and I could insert a few photos, but today no such luck. I wanted to include a wedding photo 😦

Goodbye Spring

Yesterday was the last day of May, so summer begins soon 🙂

Here are a few photos of what sping is like around here: 🙂

The first few pictures are from my Mom’s garden.






BB#1 on one of our walks.


Another gem we found on one of our walks, a bunny tree in the garden of an old house. We went back a bunch of times to have a look, but they took it down after easter 😦