Spring Festivals Part 3, Bridge Market Festival


The Bridge Market Festival is my favorite festival of the year 🙂

It takes place at the end of May. They close off one of the bridges from traffic and craftsmen take over the bridge with their unique products. The festival is 2 days long. There  is food and drinks and lots of craftsmen products.This is what the festival looks like: Photo source szegedma.hu


My new favorite stand is the Starbucks stand 🙂 This is the second year they have attended the festival. They sell coffee and muffins. And on childrens day they gave free muffins for the kids. Really nice of them. I got a blueberry muffin and a caramel frappuccino 🙂

They sell lots of things at the festival:












Plants and pottery.



Some more pottery.




I went to the festival early in the morning so it was not so busy yet.


Every year I buy mugs from my favorite mug making guy 🙂 Here are this years mugs 🙂 One of them was a present for our physical therapist to show her our gratitude for helping BB#2 learn to walk 🙂

What is your favorite festival.

7 thoughts on “Spring Festivals Part 3, Bridge Market Festival

    • It is in Szeged. In the Southern part of Hungary, close to the Serbian border. Starbucks didn’t have blackberry muffins 🙂 Last year I think they had peach-raspberry ones, We don’t have a Starbucks in our city so that is why this stand is so exciting to me on those 2 days/year 🙂

      • I was making lots of guesses but didn’t alight on Hungary!
        Beautiful. And in this land of the ubiquitous strange green mermaid of coffee on every corner, I salute the idyllic place that is Starbicks-less Szeged. 🙂
        But I understand that as a rarity it is welcome.

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