Ten Thoughts Tuesday




1. Saturday we went to the movies with My brother, his little girl, BB#1 and I. We saw how to train your dragon 2 in 3D. I haven’t been to the movies in ages!

2. Sunday we went for a walk to the playground, and suddenly the monsoon rain arrived out of nowhere 😦 We got so wet 😦 Someone finally had to go home to get a car and come back for everyone else 😦 It is a very wet summer here in Hungary 😦

3. On Monday I went the hairdressers 🙂 I got my hair coloured and cut 🙂 Nice to feel human again 🙂

4. Today is my Birthday! 🙂

5. This morning BB#2 and I had a date with a friend of mine. I had a white moccacino and a strawberry cheesecake and a bagel with salmon. It was a nice start to my birthday 🙂

6. We will have cake in the afternoon, after BB#2 wakes from his nap.

7. I have a lunch date planned for Thursday with some ex-colleagues. We will celebrate 2 birthdays. Mine and Maria’s, who turned 91! She is my favorite ex-colleague, she is amazing!

8. On friday BB#2 has a play date with Baby A, who will be visiting from Austria 🙂

9. Saturday is full too 🙂 We will be attending a garden party, then at night I am going to bridal shower.

10. We will end the week with my niece’s birthday party, who turns 9 on the 21st of July.

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