Preschool graduation and last day of preschool

Today is a special day. Today is the last day of preschool for Blackberry #1. My, where have 4 years gone? It went by all too fast. I am having mixed feelings. I am sad he is leaving. We loved his preschool, and his teachers alot. It always gave me a sense of security, I always felt he was safe, and loved there. But it also marks the beginning of a new journey for us: starting elemenatry school in September.

Here is BB#1 this morning entering the preschool for the very last time 😦


A couple of weeks ago they had their preschool graduation ceremony 🙂

They did a show, got graduation bags and they had helium filled balloons with everyone’s name on them, which they let go of together 🙂

The graduation bags:


The show (BB#1 in his red tie)  :


Reciting his part of the poem:


Going around the preschool with their graduation bags:


Letting the balloons go:



Saying goodbye together. BB#1 and his wife 🙂 They will go to the same elementary schools, but different classes.


BB#1 and his teachers:


And one last one with me:



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