20 Month Update


20 Month Update


Blackberry #2 turned 21 months on Monday 🙂

So I am way behind on updates. The last one was at 13 months old 😦


Height/Weight: 10.260 Kilo (22lb 9.9109oz)
and 83.5 cm (32.874 inches)

Teeth: 6 teeth! 2 lower central incisors and 2 upper lateral incisors and 2 upper central incisors. He hasn’t had a new tooth for months new, but there is alot of drooling. I cannot wait for him to get more teeth so he can eat easier and more things.

Sleeping: Blackberry #2 is sleeping through the night in his crib. We don’t use the monitor anymore. He wakes up between 6:30 – 7:30 am.In terms of naps, he sometimes takes 2 naps, but that is usually not so good because than he doesn’t fall asleep so easy at night so I usually let him take 1 nap.

Eating: He still drinks formula 2-3x a day. He eats vegetable purees with meat (mostly chicken) for lunch, then he has a fruit puree and joghurt once a day, and he also has Sinlac (Baby Porridge) once a day. He eats baby biscuits and ladyfingers. He now also eats french fries, crepes and muffins and pasta.

Sizes: Blackberry #2 is wearing 12-18, 18-24 months clothing (depends on the clothes) and size 4 nappies.




  •          He learned to walk in April!
  •          He can now ride his plastic motorcycle.
  •          He can swing and go down the slide at the playground (I still help with that).
  •          He can say about 20 words and he babbles alot and he points at things.
  •          He can now throw tantrums 😦



Things that happend to Blackberry #2 and things Blackberry #2 you likes to do:


  •      He likes balls. He likes to throw them and also he likes to kick them 🙂
  •      He loves books. He likes to carry them, and also look at them, turn the pages. We have to look at books while eating.
  •      He loves his brother. He can now say his name, so when he gets up he starts screaming his brothers name and we have to go look for him 🙂
  •      He went on 2 vacations to Lake Balaton in the summer.
  •      He finally met his one cousin 🙂  (She lives abroad).
  •      After 13 months of Physical Therapy he graduated in april after learning to walk! Hurray!
  •      He had  follow ups at the Neonatologist, Cardiologist.




Ten Thoughts Tuesday and blogiversary



1. The TV died again 3 days after they brought it back from “repairing” it 😦 So It has been in repair again for like 10 days 😦

2. Last Monday BB#2 had a NICU follow up appointment. They were satisfied with him, finally. I was not so satisfied with them. They always measure him smaller (in height and weight) there, then I do at home….

3. Last tuesday we went on a vacation again to Lake Balaton. This time we went to the southern shore. This is the reason there was no TTT last week. No internet there 😦

4. There was one rainy day when we went to keszthely to visit a beautuful palace, the Festetics palace.

5. Tomorrow is August 20th, the foundation of the Hungarian state by Saint Stephen, which celebrated as a National holiday

It also means 2 things: fireworks and the debute of the cake of the country (each year they choose a new one).

Cannot wait to taste the new cake of the year 🙂

6. Cannot believe school is starting in a week and a half for BB#1. I already did alot of shopping but I am still not done. I also need to buy him some new clothes and shoes.

7. This month BB#1 is doing 2 speech therapies per week, to speed things up before school, he is also going to swimming lessons 4-5x a week.

8. Today is the blog’s blogiversary! HURRAY! 1 year old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY THE BLACKBERRY BOYS 🙂

9. This was the 108th post, meaning I wrote a post every 3.3 days 🙂

10. The most popular post was

Moments of Nostalgia-Violin 

from april 2014.








Summer Vacation Part 2

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Lake Balaton in July:

We took a day trip to Balatonfured. A real resort town on the northern shore:


Swans and water bicycles 🙂


Ferrari 🙂


This is a Cardiology Hospital.



One of the cute shops.


BB#2 seeing his first swans 🙂 See the swan family 🙂 The babies were grey.


BB#1 and his cousin and a swan.


Horse and Zebra riding.


BB#2 liked the zebra.


Family photo.

Summer Vacation Part 1

Destination: Lake Balaton or the Hungarian Sea

Time: First week of July

Travelling: BB#1 and BB#2, Husband, My Brother, his little girl alias my niece, My Parents and myself.

 Lake Balaton is a freshwater lake in HUNGARY. It is the largest lake in Central Europe and one of Hungary’s foremost tourist destinations. 

The mountainous region of the northern shore is known both for its historic character and as a major wine region, while the flat southern shore is known for its resort towns

We usually visit the southern shore but this time our destination was Balatonalmadi, located on the northern shore.

In Hungary lots of companies own accomodations by the lake, and workers can book rooms at these accomodations for a cheaper price. We booked 3 rooms at the accomodation for the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The accomodation consists of about 20 rooms, a lovely garden, a restaurant and another private beach located right on the lake, which can only be accessed by the people staying there. We got breakfast and lunch at the restaurant. The whole thing had a very friendly atmosphere and there were not many more guests there. Ofcourse it is not a 5 star hotel, for example there is no air conditioning and the furniture is pretty outdated but everything else was ok.The food was really good and plenty and most of the time even the kids ate it 🙂 For dinner we choose a different restaurant each night, so that was also fun.

Most days we just relaxed on the private beach, which was a really big green garden with sunbeds, chairs, ping pong table, playground and each room had its private locker that was big enough to go into it and change your clothes. The private beach was about a 3 minute walk from the accomodation so really close.

The accomodation:




The private beach:









(Building a fort from sun beds and towels 🙂


A beach selfie 🙂 I am never good at selfies 🙂


One of the many desserts at the Academy restaurant. IT has apples in it. Yummy.

More to come in the next post.




Ten Thoughts Tuesday




1. Last week was finally better, than the weeks before….

2. On wednesday a guy came to pick up the tv (it is a 42 inch tv so I don’t think I could have lifted it…) to take it to have it repaired.

3. On friday I called them and they said, the lightning caused the problem, but they can fix it.

4. Also on friday another guy came from the insurance company. He said when the tv comes back, I have to take in the repair receipt and the insurance will cover the repair. They also awarded us some money for painting, because the roof leaked in the storm. The money is not much, but at least it is something.

5. On monday the tv was brought back, and good thing the insurance will cover it, becasue the repair fee was 25% of the tv’s original price! But at least we don’t have to buy a new one now.

6. On saturday we went to my really good friend’s wedding. I took BB#1 and my miece with us, and BB#2 was left at home with my parent.

7. The ceremony was really nice, although it was either super hot or when the church wedding was over another strom came and we got wet…. The weather is super crazy this summer. Really humid.

8. We took the kids home after the ceremony.

9. We went back to the wedding party just the 2 of us (Husband and I)! We stayed untill 4:30 am!

The food was really good, There was wine and cocktails and cake 🙂

My only problem was that husband is not the dancing kind, so I didn’t get to dance 😦

10. The wedding was in a village close to our city, but we got a hotel room there and spent the night there, so we wouldn’t have to drive home (there is a zero tolarance here in Hungary, so you cannot drink any alcohol if you are going to drive).