Ten Thoughts Tuesday and blogiversary



1. The TV died again 3 days after they brought it back from “repairing” it 😦 So It has been in repair again for like 10 days 😦

2. Last Monday BB#2 had a NICU follow up appointment. They were satisfied with him, finally. I was not so satisfied with them. They always measure him smaller (in height and weight) there, then I do at home….

3. Last tuesday we went on a vacation again to Lake Balaton. This time we went to the southern shore. This is the reason there was no TTT last week. No internet there 😦

4. There was one rainy day when we went to keszthely to visit a beautuful palace, the Festetics palace.

5. Tomorrow is August 20th, the foundation of the Hungarian state by Saint Stephen, which celebrated as a National holiday

It also means 2 things: fireworks and the debute of the cake of the country (each year they choose a new one).

Cannot wait to taste the new cake of the year πŸ™‚

6. Cannot believe school is starting in a week and a half for BB#1. I already did alot of shopping but I am still not done. I also need to buy him some new clothes and shoes.

7. This month BB#1 is doing 2 speech therapies per week, to speed things up before school, he is also going to swimming lessons 4-5x a week.

8. Today is the blog’s blogiversary! HURRAY! 1 year old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY THE BLACKBERRY BOYS πŸ™‚

9. This was the 108th post, meaning I wrote a post every 3.3 days πŸ™‚

10. The most popular post was

Moments of Nostalgia-ViolinΒ 

from april 2014.








13 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday and blogiversary

    • Thanks. We were 2 cm shorter and 200 gramms lighter than at home…. And they made some big deal about the size of his head. They measured it like 3x, when finally they decided that 47 cm was ok. First they measured 46 cm, but the doctor said that is below 3% so she was not ok with that, and had it measured again. HA-HA

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ It is ok, the swimming is usually at 6pm, so it does not cut the day in 2. I was happy too that the NICU follow up was happy with him, I don’t really see any point in going since they don’t do anything there, or if they have a suggestion or worry it is always something stupid.

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