First Day, First Grade

It is official. BB#1 is a first grader 🙂

On sunday we went to the opening ceremony where he received his school tie:


Then we packed the school bag:


Monday morning we walked to school, we had to hurry and get there by 7:45 am. The first class starts at 8:15 am. As luck would have it I forgot to charge my phone so the alarm did not work, So I woke up 45 minutes later than I intended, but we still got there on time 🙂


Unpacking the school bag:


Ready to learn:


I went to pick him up t 3 pm, and he said: you are already here? So I guess he had a good first day 🙂 First impressions are always important 🙂

9 thoughts on “First Day, First Grade

  1. Big boy!
    Out of curiosity: what’s the school in Hungary? Meaning how long do kids go to school, what is compulsory, is home schooling an option… (in Finland all 7-15 years need to complete 9 grades, after that one can choose not to study anymore but most continue to high school or a vocational school)

  2. I really like that you included the alphabet in the picture. Some of the letters are printed so differently than I would have expected. Our V and W are pointy, yours are more rounded.

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