Did he or didn’t he? The paper clip drama

Today was particularly shitty 😦

Last night I was up late cutting out the letters of the alphabet, each letter in a few copies. Then I was supposed to put together the same letters with paper clips. I realized I don’t have any at home. So I called my Dad, who brought over a few in an envelope. In the morning I clipped the letters together and walked BB#1 to school. After lunch I put down BB#2 for his nap. Around 2pm I went to check on him. He somehow got the envelope in his crib, he tore it up, and few metal paper clips were on the floor outside his crib. So now the question of the day is: did he or didn’t he swallow a paper clip, or paper clips????????????? I found 5 on the floor. When I went to pick up BB#1 at school I asked to be let in his classroom so I could count how many paper clips I took in that morning (they probably thought I was crazy 😦 I was hoping my DAD counted how many clips he brought over and it would all add up and I would get my answer. But when I finally got a hold of him, he said he does not know how many clips he brought over. So now I have no idea. What if he swallowed one?????? What am I supposed to do? Do I just watch his poop for a couple of days or do I take him for an x-ray?

So I started making dinner while helping BB#1 with his homework, while I put BB#2 in his crib. After being too quite, I go in to find him with a pen!!!!! (How the hell does he get these things in there???) he colored his bed sheets, his shirt, his legs and his face. Lucky for me he did not poke his eyes out!

This is too much for me for one day. I feel so drained and so tired and so overwhelmed, and most of all I feel like a crappy Mom 😦

Have your kids ever swallowed something they were not supoosed to?

12 thoughts on “Did he or didn’t he? The paper clip drama

  1. Oh, I hope the wee fella is okay. I don’t dare tell you what I swallowed as a kid and came out alright (twitch twitch). I ate grass for years. What my poor mother had to deal with. It’s not your fault but they have a habit of getting into everything in a fleeting second. They’re magicians, Houdini couldn’t one up them! Hope all’s well now xo

  2. When my kiddos were in that randomly eating or shoving things into their mouths phase (which all truth be told, is not that far in the past) I was constantly and daily amazed that so many kids make it through childhood without serious physical or emotional scaring.
    Sorry you had a rough day!

  3. lol I am rolling on the floor laughing! My oldest swallowed a penny and I called the doctor frantically and he said just to let her poop it out! She was potty trained what the hell was I to do, sift through her poop!

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