Ten Thoughts Tuesday


1. Update on the paper clip drama: BB#2 did not poop for 2 days after the papaer clip drama, so I took him for an X-ray and good news: no foreign object was detected. Hurrah! Now a plastic nasal spray cap is missing ……..(So I am seraching poop after all).

2. Saturday we had the teacher-parent-kids get to know each other day down by the river. The weather was not the best, but at least it was not raining all day long. BB#1 had a good time he played soccer, ping-pong, table ffotball (foosball). Ofcpurse Husband was working as always so I had to go alone 😦 I tried to talk to a few parents, but I did not make any new big friendships yet 😦

3. On Sunday I had to make “organic” sweets for BB#1 for school. Everyone had to take 30 slices and they had a tasting day 🙂

I made this: http://aspoonfulofstyle.co.uk/2013/11/04/recipe-raspberry-oat-slices/

except I made a blueberry oat slices version 🙂

4. Today BB#1 was supposed to go on a field trip, but they cancelled it because of the weather, and ofcourse the weather turned out sunny today 😦 But I understand, the weather is really unpredictable nowdays. Lots and lots of rain at any time.

5. This week BB#1 took his shoe lace tennis shoes to Physical education class. Today was the first day he had to use them, I am awaiting how the shoe lace tying went.

6. The boys are all better from their colds, I am the only one still having a stuffy nose 😦

7. I am really sick of the rain.

8. On wednesday BB#1 will go swimming with his school, for the first time. I am scared how the whole changing all alone thing will go. I hope he will bring everything home.

9. On Thursday I will finally get to go somewhere without kids. Hurray. I am having our usual lunch date with my ex-coworker, who is 91 years old and 2 more ex-coworkers.

10. The wine square will open up on wednesday till the weekend, so I plan on going to see that too.

4 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday

    • I was also glad 🙂 And he is not even the one going to school 🙂 Yes this new situation holds all kinds of stresses. Friday he (BB#1) came home that his towel (they have a towel for drying hands after washing them) was thrown into the toilet, accidentally ofcourse., by one of his classmates. But he said: Don’t worry Mommy it was thrown in before I peed 🙂

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