Ten Thoughts Tuesday


1. Fall is here. The leaves are turning red and yellow and falling of the trees. We colect chesnuts in the afternoons. Luckily the weather has been great, lots of sunshine, not so much rain 🙂

2. BB#2 grew his 8th tooth last week. It is his first molar. So he is drooling alot 😦 He has developed a rash around his mouth from all this drooling 😦

3. Speaking of teeth, BB#1 has still not lost any of his teeth, I guess we are slow in teeth growing and teeth loosing.

4. The birthday party season has started. We spent the last 2 saturday at birthday parties. Which means cake for me 🙂

5. The lasted words BB#2 learned: coffee and pasta (in hungarian kave es teszta).

6. BB#2 has been throwing tantrums. He then throws things. It is not always easy with him. As I type he is sitting in my lap 🙂

7. BB#1’s sppech therapy was rescheduled to today instead of the usual thursday. But then I realized there is no way we can get there by 3:45 pm from school, so I just cancelled and I practised with him in the afternoon.

8. This morning I finally got to go have coffee with the girls! NO KIDS! It was heaven. I had a coffee, a sandwich and a hot white chocolate (see photo above).

9. Saturday I will go to a “baby sale” and try to sell some of our baby stuff. Wish me luck. I cannot wait to get rid of stuff and make money.

10. Lately I have been addicted to the tv series PPL (Pretty little liars). I  finally finished watching all 5 seasons. Now I have to ait months for new episodes 😦

3 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday

    • While the sun is shining and it is somewhat warm, I love fall. All the beautiful colors! I even like collecting chesnuts, they are so shine and nice looking 🙂 And here in Hungary chesnuts are popular desserts. We have chesnuts with whipped cream, chesnut strudel etc…. When is your baby due?

      • I love when the sun is shining too. With the sun and the colours its a real mood lifter. The chestnut desserts sound delicious. 🙂

        She was due Monday gone, but she came a week early! We’re both doing great.

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