Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. On Thursday I went to pick up my new glasses! I have had the same glasses for like 5 years! 😦 The new ones are a little different so when I tried them on everything became super colorful and super sharp, and made me dizzy 😦 They said I should get used to them. I hope they are right.

2. On Friday I spent the morning at the mall. It was the start of Glamour days. Glamour days are 3 days long and if you buy the magazine you get a bunch of coupons with it for a bunch of stores, mostly 20% off. So me and 3 girlfriends spent the morning at the mall shopping, it was great. I even found 2 long sleeve tops for myself. I also bought clothes and shoes fro BB#1 and clothes for husband.

3. The girls and I also had coffee before we left the mall.

4. Saturday was the day I went to sell our baby stuff at the “baby sale”, which is like a rummage sale. I was really excited, i was getting ready for days, washing, ironing, systemizing. There were not too many people 😦 I only sold a few thing like a few books, a few toys and a few baby clothes 😦 But at least i sold those, so I am not complaining. I will try to go to some more sales…

5. While I was at the sale, Grandpa took the boys to get a hair cut.

5. Sunday the weather was really nice, so we spent the afternoon at a friends house in their garden, where the kids could run around.

6. Monday I went to the dermatologist again, I had a new appointment, but again I was not successful the doctor had already left 😦 So I again got a new appointment for next week….

7. Monday afternoon BB#1 came home from school saying that his teachers were upset by his hair! It turns out they are not supposed to have hair gel on their hair. So I had to wash his hair to get it out 😦 I still think he looked super cute.

8. Today BB#1 had his first spelling test. We have been studying for it, but They still have not even learned one letter, so I don’t really get how they are supposed to spell, without knowing the letters…..

9. Saturday BB#1 will take his first field trip with school. They will take the train to the capital Budapest! I hope all will be all right.

10. The weather has been amazing, lots of sunshine and 27 Celsius today 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday

    • Thanks. That is good to hear 🙂 I still haven’t tried wearing them, but maybe one of these days I will remember. they said to put them on right away in the morning…
      The spelling test didn’t go too well 😦

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