Ten Thoughts Tuesday


1. Saturday was BB#1’s first school field trip. The teachers were really brave because they took 24 first graders to Budapest by train. The train ride is 2 hours and 20 minutes! They went to a museum and the Budapest zoo. They had a blast!

2. Since I had to take BB#1 to the train station, I went to Budapest myself too. It was strange to ride on the same train but in a different wagon.

3.I visited my brother in Budapest. He has been working there since spring. He is renting a flat in the Buda Castle. He has anamazing view of the city. We had lunch at the Manna Lounge. It was really good. I had a 3 course lunch 🙂 Salmon 🙂


4. Then we had a nice stroll around the castle, walked across the Chain Bridge over the river Danube and had coffee at starbucks.

5. On Sunday I went to another “Baby sale”. This one was in a small village. I sold the same amount as last week, even though there were less people here. So I am proud of myself, because I finally made some money and got rid of some stuff.

6. On monday I went to the dermotologist again, with no luck, again. I am getting a little discouraged that this was my 3rd appointment that I went to, and they always had some reason why I couldn’t see the doctor.

7. Oh well, BB#2 and I had a nice stroll in the sun and even got some ice-cream.

8. Today I went to the beauty salon to get a waxing. I had no babysitter so I had to take BB#2 with me. I took alot of biscuits with me, so he stayed in his stroller munching on his biscuits 🙂

9. BB#1’S FALL BREAK from school starts on Thursday. It will last till november 2nd!

10. My Dad, alias Grandpa, my main babysitter, turns 70 years old on Saturday! Happy Birthday to the best Dad!

10 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. Big happy birthday to your father. What an awesome babysitter.
    Great to hear the trips to Budapest went so well, We had an amazing time in the city while we were there.

    Yikes for the waxing, hope it wasn’t to painful. I’ve never been brave enough.

    • Thanks Sarah. Today is his Big Day, but we already had a party for him on thursday. Yes Budapest was great, I went twice in the last few weeks. Once with kid and once alone 🙂 Waxing hurts 😦 I hate it too. I don’t go very often, I usually just shave at home.

  2. Two and a half years ago I walked bridges to cross the Duna and later the Tisza. Thank you for helping me recall those happy memories! I hope your frustration with the dermatologist ends soon!

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