Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. There was no TTT last week because we were on vacation. Hurray! 🙂

2. BB#1 had his fall break from school from October 23rd to November 2nd.

3. On October 23rd we celebrated my Dad’s 70th Birthday at a restaurant. His birthday is on the 25th but this was the day my brother could attend.

4. On October 26th we left for our fall vacation.

5. 4 nights, 5 days at our favorite Hotel, up north in the mountains in the middle of nowhere in the woods. Hotel Oxygen and Zen Spa.

6. We had a great room, huge, top floor, 3 huge windows with a huge tub in the room. It looked something like this:

7. We had fun at the spa, ate alot and took mini field trips.

8. The only bad thing was that BB#1 got an ear infection from all that swimming.

9. But by monday he was all better so he could go to school.

10. BB#1’s birthday is in 9 days so I am busy getting ready for the celebrations, presents etc…


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