Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. Today BB#2 turns 2!

2. He was born 2 years ago at 30 weeks with 1560 g and 40 cm. Today he is 11190 g and 85 cm!

3. He had his yearly visit from a health visitor and she was satisfied with him.

4. BB#2 also got his shot against chicken pox last week. He will need one more of it in 2 months.

5. On Saturrday I took part in an another baby sale. There were not many buyers, I hardly made any money 😦 But I did sale 2 toys, a book and a mug. Probably the gas cost more to get there ….

6. On Sunday we already celebrated BB#2’s Birthday. He really enjoyed it this year. Post coming soon 🙂

7. Monday I had a parent-teacher meeting with BB#1’s teacher. She said good things about him. His only problem is that he talks too softly and he doesn’t have enough self esteem, so sometimes he gets scared and is afraid to answer the questions even if he knows the answer. I don’t really know how to help him 😦

8. I also went to the dentist yesterday. I have been having a tooth ache for weeks now. He did an x-ray. He messed up the first one so he had to do another one (wow thanks for the double dose of radiation!), than something also happened to the second one (the machine swallowed the film ????), finally he said he does not see anything wrong on the x-ray, he also does not see a cavity. So all he did was give me another appointment in 3 months time….. thanks for nothing….

9. Husband will go to a conference tomorrow, so I will be alone with the boys for 2 days.

10. Now all the birthdays are done, now I have to start getting ready for Christmas.

3 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. Big Big happy birthday BB2!
    What a waste of time going to the dentist and I bet he still charged you and you still have the pain?
    Sounds like you’ve been very busy!
    Even more so with Christmas coming up now.

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