Second NICUversary

Blackberry #2 came home from the hospital 2 years ago today. When he came home he was: 2.2 kilos and 46 cm-s! Today he is 11 kilos and 350 grams! He spent 51 days in the NICU. He had good days and bad days. He was diagnosed with PDA, he had feeding issues, they were thinking he had NEC, he got several blood transfusions…, but for the good news: he was never intubated, he didn’t get a brain bleed and he didn’t develop ROP in his eyes. Today is his Nicuversary 🙂 2 years ago today I did not imagine that just in 2 years time he would be running, saying a bunch of words…. He is super cute and is really funny. I love him to bits. I cannot imagine life without him 🙂 But ofcourse that does not mean he does not get on my nerves some days, like tuesday when he ripped a book apart into tiny bits, I guess that is why he was so quite…


BB#2 on his discharge day, with his favorite nurse.


BB#2 finally at home, sleeping in his own cot, finally not an incubator!


BB#2 nowadays.


BB#2 with Christmas lights in the background.

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