Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. So ok, it looks like february won’t be my favorite month this year 😦

2. BB#2 has been super cranky since saturday.

3. He is not willing to eat or drink and even sometimes wakes up during the night. I think he is teething.

4. Today was our appointment with the pediatrician and she saw nothing wrong with him, besides his teeth coming…

5. I on the other hand am really sick 😦 Runny nose, sore throat, aching limbs, low fever 😦

6. Too bad Moms don’t get sick days, to rest 😦

7. On saturday I went to sell at the baby sale, but there were hardly any customers 😦

8. Sunday was husband’s birthday. He got socks (not too exciting), I also wrote 4 cities on paper and put them in a hat and he got to pick one. So I will be taking him to BARCELONA. Once I start making money again and I can afford it 😦 So I don’t know when that will be….

9. Yesterday I took BB#2 to the dermatologist, but they said he needs a pediatric dermatologist, so now I have to find one of those….

10. BB#1 is excited because thrursday will be carnival day at school. He will dress up as an indian. I still have to make his head gear. I already have feathers…..

11 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. Blagh for sick mama’s 😦 Totally sucks. You’re right we need sick days too. If it was the husband they would spend the day in bed I’m sure.
    Your health system sounds just like the polish one. A right pain in the butt.
    Yay for more teeth do you know which ones these are?
    I’m grateful Vinnie is done now. He had his four second molar through over Christmas and new year. It wasn’t fun but it’s all worth it.
    Lets just hope they come through quickly.
    Have a good week x

    • Thanks SARAH! I would love a sick day 🙂 but no chance … He is growing a bunch at once, but when he is done, he still wont have all of them. We are rather slow in this teeth department… But now he also started coughing 😦 There is never a break …

  2. Being sick as a mom is the worst thing ever. I get so resentful every time I get sick because I just have to power through. I hope that you feel better very soon, that BB#2 gets his molars asap, and that you get some well deserved “me-time”. 🙂

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