Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. I am still sick 😦 I am at day 10 now 😦

2. So I have surrendered and started myself on antibiotics. I hope this will do the trick.

3. Ofcourse I had no way of getting to my GP, so when I took BB#2 to his pediatrician, I asked her to look at me as well 🙂 What is a MOM to do….

4. Thursday was Carnival day at BB#1’s school. He dressed up as an indian. They had a disco for grades 1 to 4. Then they continued the paryt in their classroom for the whole day 🙂

5. I need to catch up on the OSCAR winner movies. I have only seen Gone Girl. Who has a favorite? any suggestions?

6. Today was BB#2’s pediatric cardiology appointment.

7. We had to wait 1 hour before we could go in 😦

8. Upon entering BB#2 would not allow us to take his jacket off. So he screamed his head off. And ofcourse they cannot do an EKG and an echocardiogramm with his jacket on 😦

9. The doctor said she cannot examine him he is is screaming like this 😦

10. So now We will have to go back to the hospital in a couple of weeks and stay there for a whole day, while they sedate him and examine him that way 😦 I am not happy about this 😦 I think she should have been more patient with him and maybe he would have calmed down, but she didn’t even try 😦 Ofcourse he does not like doctors he spent the first 2 months of his life in a hospital! She said this way we will see if he has something wrong with him or not, and if so they can do something about it. That doing something about it does not sound good to me, I really do not want surgery for him. He is still so little. But maybe doing something about it just means that it will need further monitoring. Whatever, we are back to waiting and seeing 😦

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