Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. My very pregnant friend is due TODAY! and she is still pregnant. We go and visit her every chance we get, so time flies faster for her.

2. Friday the plumber finally came! It only took 6 weeks 😦 He did something, I hope this will be enough and the wall won’t get more wet, and after I get it painted it will all be ok….

3. Friday I also had my name day celebration lunch with my ex colleagues. It is always nice to see them, especially my almost 92 year old colleague 🙂

4. They got me really nice presents.


Like an owl mug and a boy of Toffifee Chocolates. I also got more chocolates, coffee and a Tulip 🙂

5. Saturday was the baby rummage sale. This time there were alot of people selling. I even found a really cool Transformers robot for BB#1 🙂 I didn’t make too much money, but better than last month and at least I went home with less stuff 🙂

6. I also started selling our stuff on-line and I already sold 2 things 🙂

7. Today I went to the dentist, so now half of my head is numb, up to my ears. I had a cavity filled.

8. Our Cardiology appointment for this friday at the private pratice has been cancelled 🙂 The new appointment is like 2 weeks later 😦

9. It is so frustrating that even private practices are complicating 😦

10. Tommorrow I will finally get to have coffee (or something) with the girls.

10 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. I hope your friend delivers very, very soon. I also hope the cardiologist appointment works out soon with no trauma for your little one!

  2. Lets hope your friend has a speedy delivery.
    Yay for the plumber about time ! Are you renting? Thing’s always seem to take a lot more time to get organised.
    Happy Name day – We also celebrate name day here. In fact it’s a bigger celebration than the actual birthday. But of course we all forgot it was my husbands name day. hee hee. Cute gifts I love owls. 🙂
    It seems you are having bad luck with all theses doctors appointments. Lets hope the results are good at least.
    I’m still waiting for the coffee with the girls since Vinnie started pre school. He’s only there for a few hours and the bus ride there and back to the city just isn’t worth it to see my friends for 20 mins. 😦

    • She ended up delivering 3 days later. Thoush she ended up with a C-section. But they are fine and that is the most important. I own the flat, but still takes time to get plumber’s etc…
      I love owls too 🙂
      I even have a pinterest board about them 🙂
      You were right, at least the results are good 🙂 You can read about them on this week’s TTT.
      I am sorry the city is so far, you cannot get coffee with your friends 😦
      I hope Easter was fun.

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