Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. My Poor Dad’s car was broken into šŸ˜¦ They broke one of the windows and took his bag with all his papaers, bank card in it šŸ˜¦

And all this happend during day time in the afternoon, he was parked in front of his own garage šŸ˜¦

2. Also yesterday they planted a new tree in front of our building. I am all for more green, less concrete šŸ™‚ But By this morning the tree was gone šŸ˜¦ I guess they are also stealing trees. Strange.

3. My pregnant friend finally gave birth Friday. She was 4 days overdue. She finally had to have a C-section. She is now a Mommy to a baby Boy šŸ™‚

4. I went to visit her in the hospital that afternoon, but I haven’t seen the Baby yet. I cannot wait to hold this little Boy šŸ™‚

5. Saturday we went to visit one of our friends. BB#2 was not having a good day, he would not go into the house. I could take his shoes off after 10 minutes, than I had to sit with him in my lap for another 30 minutes with his hat and coat on šŸ˜¦

6. Yesterday we started spring shopping for BB#1. He got 2 pants and a T-Shirt.

7. Tomorrow will be the last Ice-skating class for BB#1, and finally parents can go and watch. I am excited, I haven’t seen him skate yet.

8. Also on wednesday we have a play date for BB#2. We don’t know many kids his age. We had to cancel last week because he got a runny nose.

9. Last week coffee with friends was cancelled, but finally today I got to go for coffee with 1 friend. We went to a strudel shop that is kid friendly.

10. I had a caramel latte and a pumpkin strudel:

10. WP_005665

4 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. That’s awful I hate the thought of people breaking in. Just two weeks a go a house in my village was broken into in the middle of the day on the front window. My mother in law walked past at 10:30am and didn’t notice anything I walked past at 11:30am saw the gate open and front window smashed. I called my husband to call the police. The owners were grateful we called they only took a small amount of gold thankfully.

    Great to hear you’ve been getting out and about seeing people. Yay for the new baby. šŸ™‚ congratulations to your friend.

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