Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. Last week was BB#1’s last ice-skating class. He is really good, he got an A.

2. This week they will go bowling and from next week they will be swimming, till the end of school year.

3. The weekend was busy. Saturday morning we attended a birthday party.

4. Saturday afternoon BB#1 went to a Easter crafts afternoon.

5. Sunday I went to the Farmers Market, where I attended a Cupcake Decorating Workshop. It was really fun. I will do a separate post about it.

6. Today I went to have coffee with the girls at our friend’s Cafe called Manuel.

7. I had a Cookies Latte and a croissant, BB#2 had a lemonade.


8. Then BB#2 had a play date with his little friend who is a girl. This was there 2nd date, and it looks like they are getting along, so finally we have a friend, who is our age 🙂

9. Spring break for BB#1 starts Thursday.

10. Tomorrow is our appointment at the Pediatric Cardiology Private Practice. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. March has finally brought spring. The sun has been shining for days! Hurray!

2. Today we spent 2 hours outside with BB#2. We visited my friend, they have a huge garden with lots of animals.

3. Poor BB#2 was terrified of their cat 😦

4. I got a new  pediatric cardiology appointment for BB#2 at a private practice. I am hoping a more relaxed environment and a new doctor might have a good effect on him and they can examine him without sedation. Wish us luck.

5. Yesterday we visited my very pregnant friend. She is due in 1 week. It is so exciting, we will soon meet her little baby boy 🙂 I cannot wait.

6. The weekend was full of flowers and cake 🙂

7. We celebrated International Womens day and also my Name day was yesterday. A name day is a tradition in many countries in Europe and Latin America that consists of celebrating the day of the year associated with one’s given name.

My Name Day is March 9th 🙂

8. Sunday I went to the Farmers Market and I got 3 of these beauties:


They were red velvet cupcakes with white chocolate frosting and marzipan flowers. They were yummy 🙂

9. Tomorrow is BB#1’s favorite day: ice skating day.

10. Saturday I will again go sell our stuff at a baby rummage sale. Wish me luck.

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. I am still sick 😦 I am at day 10 now 😦

2. So I have surrendered and started myself on antibiotics. I hope this will do the trick.

3. Ofcourse I had no way of getting to my GP, so when I took BB#2 to his pediatrician, I asked her to look at me as well 🙂 What is a MOM to do….

4. Thursday was Carnival day at BB#1’s school. He dressed up as an indian. They had a disco for grades 1 to 4. Then they continued the paryt in their classroom for the whole day 🙂

5. I need to catch up on the OSCAR winner movies. I have only seen Gone Girl. Who has a favorite? any suggestions?

6. Today was BB#2’s pediatric cardiology appointment.

7. We had to wait 1 hour before we could go in 😦

8. Upon entering BB#2 would not allow us to take his jacket off. So he screamed his head off. And ofcourse they cannot do an EKG and an echocardiogramm with his jacket on 😦

9. The doctor said she cannot examine him he is is screaming like this 😦

10. So now We will have to go back to the hospital in a couple of weeks and stay there for a whole day, while they sedate him and examine him that way 😦 I am not happy about this 😦 I think she should have been more patient with him and maybe he would have calmed down, but she didn’t even try 😦 Ofcourse he does not like doctors he spent the first 2 months of his life in a hospital! She said this way we will see if he has something wrong with him or not, and if so they can do something about it. That doing something about it does not sound good to me, I really do not want surgery for him. He is still so little. But maybe doing something about it just means that it will need further monitoring. Whatever, we are back to waiting and seeing 😦

Ten Thoughts Tuesday



1. BB#1 recovered from his fever in about 3 days.

2. So last week he could go to preschool for his last 2 days. He got to say his goodbyes.

3. My nightmare came true, because wednesday morning BB#2 woke up with a fever 😦

4. I got a mini panic attack, because that was the day to take him to the cardiologist, for the appointment he got in january. I didn’t know if I could take him with a fever or not, so I called my friend’s husband who works at the hospital. He said to take him anyway because “you know when you will get your next appointment…”

5. So I took poor sick BB#2 to the hospital. We spent about 2 and a half hours there. We were lucky becasue they accepted out EKG papers, so he got a heart ultrasound and a chest x-ray.

There was no good news, but there was no new news either. The something that they found in january is still the same way so no miracle yet 😦 But at least it has not became worse (yet). If it does the cardiologist said the unwanted “surgery” word 😦 I am still hoping in a miracle. I forgot to ask if this condition comes from him being a preemie, but I think anybody can have this… But so far the condition is not causing any symptoms for him, so the cardiologist said that if he wasn’t a preemie being monitored all the time, we would not even know of his condition.

6. BB#2 is super cranky when he is sick. He does not let me take his temperature and he spits out the Nurofen syrup. So I spent most of wednesday afternoon, evening crying, becasue it was just getting to be too much ( the sick kids, the cardiology appointment and the no sllep for then 5 days).

7. Thursday I took him to a pediatrician, but she did not find anything wrong with him, so I just deceided that maybe his teething was causing all the problems.

8. He is feeling better, no fever, but still teething.

9. Sunday night we had a really big storm here. Again the water was coming through the roof into one of the rooms and the bathroom 😦 Then the electricity went off 😦 Husband finally found that the TV died, and that was what was causing the problem. I am afraid the lightning got to the tv 😦

10. So last week was pretty crappy 😦 Hoping for a better one this week.



Ten Thoughts Tuesday



1. My “Birthday week” went by pretty good. I had a birthday dinner and a birthday lunch and 2 birthday coffees with friends 🙂

2. Saturday morning we went to see the Nandorfehervar war remembrance festival.

The Battle of Nándorfehérvár took place in 1456 and resulted in a Hungarian victory over the Ottomans. That way the Europeans were able to keep the Turkish threat away. Pope Callixtus II ordered to ring every bell at noon for the Christian armies at Nándorfehérvár. Since then, the noon bell is a reminder of the glorious victory.
Photos taken from hir6.hu
3. Saturday afternoon we went to a garden party. There was BBQ, a pool for the kids. We all had a great time.
4. Then Saturday night I went to my good frend’s bridal shower.
I drank rose wine and had a good time.
Here is the bride:
We got penis straws! HMMMMMMM 🙂
5. Sunday was my niece’s  9th birthday party. It was held at Aquapolis WATERPARK. lots of pools and water slides. She had 3 cakes! BB#2 really enjoyed the party 🙂
6. BB#1 was not so lucky 😦 He came down with a fever by the end of the party 😦 He was 39.1 CELSIUS by the time we got home.
7. So we have been home sick since then 😦 Our pediatrician is on holiday, so I have not taken him to any doctors 😦 But it is probably a virus.
8. This is the last week he can go to preschool. Next week the summer holiday starts and after that he will start the elementary school. So I am hoping he recovers fast and he can at least go for a day or two to say his good byes!
9. I am exhausted from being up at night for 3 nights now (1 bridal shower and 2 with sick kid).
10. Wednesday I have to take BB#2 to the pediatric cardiologist for his follow up. Please think of us. I am sick of bad news, I just want to hear good news.

11 Month Update



Blackberry #2 is 11 Months old.






Height/Weight: I have no new data. I think he must be around 8 kilos.




Teeth: Finally the first tooth has arrived! Yeah! And I just noticed this morning that the second tooth has made its apperance, with 2 more on the way! But still lots and lots of drooling.



 (It is hard to take a picture of his tooth 🙂


Sleeping: Blackberry #2 is sleeping through the night in his crib with the monitor on. He wakes up between 5-6 am.In terms of naps, he takes 2 naps.




Both boys sleep in sleeping sacks. In this photo it looks like Blackberry #2 is checking Blackberry #1’s pulse 🙂





He still drinks formula 3-4x a day. He eats vegetable purees with meat (mostly chicken) for lunch, then he has a fruit puree and joghurt once a day, and he also has Sinlac (Baby Porridge) once a day. He tried baby biscuits 2 times this month.






Sizes: Blackberry #2 is wearing mostly 9-12 months clothing and size 3 nappies.








  •          He has teeth!
  •          He is good at sitting now!
  •          He is doing funny faces now 🙂


Things that happend to Blackberry #2 and things Blackberry #2 you likes to do:


  •          He likes to play with his brother.
  •          He likes to play with his books, blocks, musical toys.
  •          He attended his brothers birthday.



Doctors we are still seeing: Pediatrician, Neonatologist, Neurologist, Cardiologist, Ophthalmologist,
Physical therapists.