Budapest, Part 2

My brother left Hungary a long time ago. First he was living in the USA, mostly in California. Then a couple of years ago he moved back to Europe and has been living in the UK. So this spring when he finally landed a part time job in Budapest I was really happy, because this meant I would get to see him more.

So finally a couple of weeks ago, we finally arranged to meet each other in Budapest on a saturday. I was anxious to see where he was living etc.

Blackberry #1 had a school trip to Budapest for the same day, so I took him to the train station and took the same train to Budapest as the class 🙂 BB#2 stayed home with his Dad, so I was kid free for most of the day 🙂

My brother lives in the Castle district in Buda.

He lives 2 blocks from this beauty:


This is Matthias Church, a Roman Catholic church, also known as Church of Our Lady, it was founded by King BĂ©la IV. after the Mongolian invaders left Hungary in 1242. Not much remained of the original building due to numerous expansions, wars and reconstructions.

We had lunch in the Manna Lounge, also located in the castle district:



Pumpkin-rhubarb Mille-feuille


 Main dish:
White wine steamed salmon with spinach strudel and Chardonnay cream sauce



Pineapple tatar with bourbon vanilla and raspberry mousse
After lunch we started our stroll:


The Habsburg Gate.


The Royal Palace.


The Matthias Fountain.


The view from the Castle 🙂 The river Danube, Pest and The Parlament.


We continued our stroll and crossed the Danube on the Chain bridge and found this strange statue at the other end of the bridge.


The Hungarian Academy of Sciences. I have spent many hours here listening to interesting lectures, and was once even invited for champagne with the head of the Academy, when I received a tender for young scientists.


St. Stephen’s Basilica is named in honour of Stephen, the first King of Hungary. Today, it is the third largest church in Hungary.


Before going back to the train station we had coffee. Starbucks: Pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin pie and apple pie 🙂

Have you been to Budapest before?

Mini Vacation Part 2

Before I begin Part 2, I would like to mention that this week I took part in a post, my fellow bloggerina kukolina wrote:

My part can be found in the comments section…

Back to Part 2:

I thought I would write a little about the tourist attractions of Gyula.

We went for a walk to the castle.



The castle of Gyula was built in  the 15th century. The castle  was under Turkish reign for 130 years between 1566 and 1695. Descriptions mentions it  as the only plain brick castle in Central Europe. Inside the castle there is an open air theatre in the  summer. There is a Boating Lake between the Castle and the Castle Spa.







The next tourist atrraction we went to see was the Hundred Year Old Cake-shop. It is the second oldest cake-shop in Hungary! It has been open since 1840.

They have coffe and tea, yummy cakes, ice-cream and even their own bon-bons…









What is your favorite sweets?

Are you a cake or a bon-bon type person?