Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. Last week was BB#1’s last ice-skating class. He is really good, he got an A.

2. This week they will go bowling and from next week they will be swimming, till the end of school year.

3. The weekend was busy. Saturday morning we attended a birthday party.

4. Saturday afternoon BB#1 went to a Easter crafts afternoon.

5. Sunday I went to the Farmers Market, where I attended a Cupcake Decorating Workshop. It was really fun. I will do a separate post about it.

6. Today I went to have coffee with the girls at our friend’s Cafe called Manuel.

7. I had a Cookies Latte and a croissant, BB#2 had a lemonade.


8. Then BB#2 had a play date with his little friend who is a girl. This was there 2nd date, and it looks like they are getting along, so finally we have a friend, who is our age 🙂

9. Spring break for BB#1 starts Thursday.

10. Tomorrow is our appointment at the Pediatric Cardiology Private Practice. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. My Poor Dad’s car was broken into 😦 They broke one of the windows and took his bag with all his papaers, bank card in it 😦

And all this happend during day time in the afternoon, he was parked in front of his own garage 😦

2. Also yesterday they planted a new tree in front of our building. I am all for more green, less concrete 🙂 But By this morning the tree was gone 😦 I guess they are also stealing trees. Strange.

3. My pregnant friend finally gave birth Friday. She was 4 days overdue. She finally had to have a C-section. She is now a Mommy to a baby Boy 🙂

4. I went to visit her in the hospital that afternoon, but I haven’t seen the Baby yet. I cannot wait to hold this little Boy 🙂

5. Saturday we went to visit one of our friends. BB#2 was not having a good day, he would not go into the house. I could take his shoes off after 10 minutes, than I had to sit with him in my lap for another 30 minutes with his hat and coat on 😦

6. Yesterday we started spring shopping for BB#1. He got 2 pants and a T-Shirt.

7. Tomorrow will be the last Ice-skating class for BB#1, and finally parents can go and watch. I am excited, I haven’t seen him skate yet.

8. Also on wednesday we have a play date for BB#2. We don’t know many kids his age. We had to cancel last week because he got a runny nose.

9. Last week coffee with friends was cancelled, but finally today I got to go for coffee with 1 friend. We went to a strudel shop that is kid friendly.

10. I had a caramel latte and a pumpkin strudel:

10. WP_005665

What I ate Wednesday



I had coffee (I forgot to take a picture) and a muffin. Well actually half of a muffin because BB#2 saw what I was eating and wanted some 🙂



We visited my friend and had lunch at her house. Jacket potato 🙂



My friend also made this awsome pineapple cake. I had tea with it.



Chicken and vegetable noodles.

What I ate Thursday

I know it is supposed to be what I ate wednesday, but I took pictures on thursday so…



A salty pastry and a coffee grande.



A ham and cheese croissant.



“Just Chocolate” cake and coffee grande.



Husband came home early so we went out to eat to Port Royal.

I had a Bistro Burger with fries.


and apple and caramel cream. Which was too much for me, I couldn’t eat all of eat 😦

I had way too much carbohydrates, I guess it has to do with the illness, I was craving get well food 🙂

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. BB#1 started ice-skating. He is really enjoying it. He went once with school and once more with Daddy Blackberry.

2. Last week BB#2 had a pediatric neurology appointment. I am always scared when I have to take him to the doctors, I never know how he is going to react, and also I am always scared what the doctor might say. But this was a good appointment. BB#2 walked in, said hi to the doctor, shook his hand than showed him that he ants to sit in his lap 🙂

3. The Neurologist was really satisfied with him. He said he is smart and has good balance 🙂

4. On friday I met up with some friends for coffee and muffin, BB#2 also came along and had a good time.

5. Saturday was a work day here in Hungary, so poor BB#1 had school, but his teachers planned a field trip for them to the city library.

6. Sunday we went to the market and bought fresh bread and really yummy chesnut-pear-chocolate pie.

7. I bought BB#1 a new bag to hold his ice skates

8. This weekend I plan to take part in a baby sale. Hopefully I will get rid of some of our stuff.

9. Today I finally had  babysitter so I went out with the girls to a new cafe. I really needed some adult conversation and no kids time 🙂

10. I had an australian macadamia nut coffee:


It was really yummy 🙂

Spring Festivals Part 3, Bridge Market Festival


The Bridge Market Festival is my favorite festival of the year 🙂

It takes place at the end of May. They close off one of the bridges from traffic and craftsmen take over the bridge with their unique products. The festival is 2 days long. There  is food and drinks and lots of craftsmen products.This is what the festival looks like: Photo source szegedma.hu


My new favorite stand is the Starbucks stand 🙂 This is the second year they have attended the festival. They sell coffee and muffins. And on childrens day they gave free muffins for the kids. Really nice of them. I got a blueberry muffin and a caramel frappuccino 🙂

They sell lots of things at the festival:












Plants and pottery.



Some more pottery.




I went to the festival early in the morning so it was not so busy yet.


Every year I buy mugs from my favorite mug making guy 🙂 Here are this years mugs 🙂 One of them was a present for our physical therapist to show her our gratitude for helping BB#2 learn to walk 🙂

What is your favorite festival.

Sunday brunch with the Blackberry Boys

After a week of bad weather and lots of rain it is finally summer again. The sun is shining! So this morning I decided to take the boys to brunch. We went to a cafe that is in a butik hotel (Tiszavirag hotel). The hotel also has a restaurant that has been choosen to be one of the top 100 restaurants in HUNGARY.


The entrance to the hotel.


BB#1 and my coffee and croissant.


BB#1 had belgian waffles with whipped cream and strawberries. Yummy.


Meanwhile BB#2 had to be in his stroller, otherwise I couldn’t eat. So we did have to eat fast 🙂 But we ended up having a nice brunch. 🙂


Autumn Tag

Eszter at kukolina:



and Beth at Beauty in Beta: http://beautyinbeta.co.uk/2013/10/23/autumn-tag/

did an Autumn Tag, so I decided to join in the fun to celebrate this wonderful season we call autumn 🙂

Favorite thing about Autumn?


How the leaves turn yellow and red! And Indian Summer! The warmest days of autumn, they are my favorite, since I am a summer girl 🙂 We are having Indian summer now, yesterday was 24 Celsius!  🙂




Favorite drink?


When Autumn comes warm drinks are welcome again. I love Coffee in all forms: Latte, Cappuccino, Mochaccino, Macchiato. Unfortunately we don’t have a Starbucks where I live, I would love to taste the Pumpkin Spice Latte some of you are blogging about 😦
I also love hot chocolate and when the weather cools down, I start drinking tea again: Black tea, Green tea, Fruit tea. Today for breakfast I had Lavazza Coffe and Jing Tea, English Breakfast flavour with lemon and honey and also had  2 crepes with Nutella 🙂


Favorite scent?


In Candles I love vanilla and berry scents:) I also love Lancome Green Tea perfume.


Best lipstick?


I don’t wear lipstick. I am not good at it. I forget it is there and I smudge it 😦
I do like lip gloss and lip balm.

I like the shea butter lip balm from L’Occitane.




Go to moisturizer?
I use Clinique moisture surge. I  also use their clairifying lotion.
Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief


 Go to colours for the eyes?


In Autumn I think brown clolours look really good for the eyes.


Favorite band/singer to listen to?


I really love the movie Pitch perfect. Here is one of the song from it:
The cup song. I want to learn the cup choreography:)


Favorite outfit to wear?


In the fall I can finally wear scarves. I have a bunch of them, I got most of them when I was in Turkey.


Autumn Treat?


Pies, Cakes, Muffins:) Anything sweet:)


 I had one of these yesterday. It is called an Ischler.


Favorite place to be?
As soon as it gets cold, I always wish I was somewhere warm 🙂
Here are some autumn photos:
This is what autumn looks like in our city:
Taken on our walk yesterday.
Some Autumn pics from last year:
Blackberry #1 feeding chesnuts to the deer.
 This is actually a hotel 🙂
 A Zen Garden.
If you would like to join Autumn Tag, please fell free to do so 🙂