Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. Wow it is already february. January flew by so fast!

2. BB#1 received his very first report card. There are thing to improve,like they wrote that his work speed is slow and during class he is passive. Ofcourse, he is a boy, he won’t be raising both his hands, even if he knows the answer. What was strange to me was so many Moms shared their kids report card on facebook. I am not ready to do such things.

3. On friday I went to another baby sale. It was in a part of the city I have never been to, I had to look on the map where it is. It was in a catholic parish with a beautiful church garden. It was an interesting place with friendly people, though the baby sale was not very sucessful. I did make enough money to buy BB#2 some new moccasins 🙂




4. This week is the second winter break at school for BB#1.

5. I had so many things planned, even going on a day trip out of town.

6. But ofcourse instead life happens and BB#1 started coughing then got a fever on sunday:(

7. So the winter break is spent inside and going to the doctors 😦 He finally did not have a fever today.

8. It is hard to keep the 2 boys separated in hopes of BB#2 not cathcing the illness 😦

9. Husband is working all the time, he worked over the weekend too, and today he couldn’t even come home, so I am tired from doing everything by myself 😦 Not a too cheerful TTT 😦

10. So I will end on a positive note: I had one of these lovelies over the weekend 🙂