Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. Last week was spent with BB#1’s Birthday.

2. BB#2’s Birthday is a week from today 🙂

3. The weekend was busy, busy, busy.

4. Saturday morning we attended a double Birthday party.

5. Saturday night I went to my 20th High School reunion. First we met in our old high school, sat in our old desks 🙂 Then we went out to dinner. It was great to spend an evening with adults, eating without anyone in my lap, no one screaming. It was great to see everyone. It would have been even more great if more people would have come, but oh well. Everyone seems to be doing well, we even had 4 teachers attend.

6. Sunday afternoon we celebrated world prematurity day at the theather, BB#1 got to see his first musical show. (see yesterday’s post: https://theblackberryboys.wordpress.com/2014/11/17/world-prematurity-day-2014/ )

7. Monday I went to the dermatologist, again, but this time I was lucky because she was finally there.

8. I had to take BB#2 with me and after the dermatology clinic I thought it was a great time to go to the post office, the bank and to get a coffee at my favorite cafe. By the time we got back to the car, we had a parking fine 😦 So monday did not start out to good. I thought I had 2 hours of parking, turned out I only had 1 😦

9. This afternoon we will have our second parent-teacher meeting at BB#1’s school.

10. I have been having a tooth ache. I called the dentist a week ago, and today they finally called back that I can go today around 3pm (they called like 2 hours before that). But I don’t have a babysitter, and at 5:30 I have to go to the meeting, so there was no way I could go 😦 I hate beening a stay at home Mom at times like this, when I feel so alone and helpless and I cannot go do something important, because I have nowhere to put the kid 😦 Wish me luck that I will get a new chance soon, that will be better for me…