A Hungarian Wedding

In August we attended my really good friend’s wedding.

We left BB#2 with the Grandparents, and took BB#1 and my niece. After the ceremonies we took the kids home and only Husband and I attended the reception 🙂

So first they had a welcome reception with drinks and snacks.

One of the things I learned that Weddings are boring to kids, so they entertained themselves:

Playing zombies, hide and seek etc…



DSCN2735Rare moment: sitting down.


They are still bride and groom here 🙂

Then the first ceremony took place in a lovely garden:


It was really hot and there was no shadow anywhere where chairs were placed 😦 So most of the people watched from far away from under the trees.

The next ceremony was held at a catholic church:


After the church ceremony was over it started pouring down, with big pieces of ice! So it was not to easy getting the kids home 😦

But we made it back for the reception which was held in a tent.

At Hungarian wedding receptions the first serving is always a meat soup, followed by a beef stew. (Sorry I forgot to take pictures of these)

Then a big plate of different kinds of meat and vegetables arrives:


Then the sweets:WP_004324


The wedding cake:


My piece with a pina colada:


At midnight another round of food arrives. usually stuffed cabbage, some more meat and lots of fruits.

After midnight the husband and wife change into something red and the rest of the night is spent dancing:


We stayed till 4 am, and we were not the last ones. We had a good time 🙂

How are weddings different in your part of the world?