My Knight in Shining Armour :)


Well Happy Valentines Day to everyone celebrating! Today is also Carnival day for Blackberry #1 at pre-school.

Carnival Day is one of the most anticipated days of the year 🙂

I made muffins for the occasion. Joghurt muffins :


At least I didn’t burn them 🙂 They did grow some funky tumors. But after I removed them they finally looked presentable.

BB1 was a knight 🙂

Here is a photo of him and his wife, who dressed up as a belly dancer:


Hard to believe that they were born only 3 days apart, BB1 being older 🙂 Girls sure do mature faster….

The costumes were really great: 3 tigers, lots of soccer players, 2 snowflakes, a Grape, 2 knights 🙂 , And ofcourse princesses.