Ten Thoughts Tuesday




1. Last week was finally better, than the weeks before….

2. On wednesday a guy came to pick up the tv (it is a 42 inch tv so I don’t think I could have lifted it…) to take it to have it repaired.

3. On friday I called them and they said, the lightning caused the problem, but they can fix it.

4. Also on friday another guy came from the insurance company. He said when the tv comes back, I have to take in the repair receipt and the insurance will cover the repair. They also awarded us some money for painting, because the roof leaked in the storm. The money is not much, but at least it is something.

5. On monday the tv was brought back, and good thing the insurance will cover it, becasue the repair fee was 25% of the tv’s original price! But at least we don’t have to buy a new one now.

6. On saturday we went to my really good friend’s wedding. I took BB#1 and my miece with us, and BB#2 was left at home with my parent.

7. The ceremony was really nice, although it was either super hot or when the church wedding was over another strom came and we got wet…. The weather is super crazy this summer. Really humid.

8. We took the kids home after the ceremony.

9. We went back to the wedding party just the 2 of us (Husband and I)! We stayed untill 4:30 am!

The food was really good, There was wine and cocktails and cake 🙂

My only problem was that husband is not the dancing kind, so I didn’t get to dance 😦

10. The wedding was in a village close to our city, but we got a hotel room there and spent the night there, so we wouldn’t have to drive home (there is a zero tolarance here in Hungary, so you cannot drink any alcohol if you are going to drive).


Ten Thoughts Tuesday



1. BB#1 recovered from his fever in about 3 days.

2. So last week he could go to preschool for his last 2 days. He got to say his goodbyes.

3. My nightmare came true, because wednesday morning BB#2 woke up with a fever 😦

4. I got a mini panic attack, because that was the day to take him to the cardiologist, for the appointment he got in january. I didn’t know if I could take him with a fever or not, so I called my friend’s husband who works at the hospital. He said to take him anyway because “you know when you will get your next appointment…”

5. So I took poor sick BB#2 to the hospital. We spent about 2 and a half hours there. We were lucky becasue they accepted out EKG papers, so he got a heart ultrasound and a chest x-ray.

There was no good news, but there was no new news either. The something that they found in january is still the same way so no miracle yet 😦 But at least it has not became worse (yet). If it does the cardiologist said the unwanted “surgery” word 😦 I am still hoping in a miracle. I forgot to ask if this condition comes from him being a preemie, but I think anybody can have this… But so far the condition is not causing any symptoms for him, so the cardiologist said that if he wasn’t a preemie being monitored all the time, we would not even know of his condition.

6. BB#2 is super cranky when he is sick. He does not let me take his temperature and he spits out the Nurofen syrup. So I spent most of wednesday afternoon, evening crying, becasue it was just getting to be too much ( the sick kids, the cardiology appointment and the no sllep for then 5 days).

7. Thursday I took him to a pediatrician, but she did not find anything wrong with him, so I just deceided that maybe his teething was causing all the problems.

8. He is feeling better, no fever, but still teething.

9. Sunday night we had a really big storm here. Again the water was coming through the roof into one of the rooms and the bathroom 😦 Then the electricity went off 😦 Husband finally found that the TV died, and that was what was causing the problem. I am afraid the lightning got to the tv 😦

10. So last week was pretty crappy 😦 Hoping for a better one this week.