Ten Thoughts Tuesday



1. My “Birthday week” went by pretty good. I had a birthday dinner and a birthday lunch and 2 birthday coffees with friends 🙂

2. Saturday morning we went to see the Nandorfehervar war remembrance festival.

The Battle of Nándorfehérvár took place in 1456 and resulted in a Hungarian victory over the Ottomans. That way the Europeans were able to keep the Turkish threat away. Pope Callixtus II ordered to ring every bell at noon for the Christian armies at Nándorfehérvár. Since then, the noon bell is a reminder of the glorious victory.
Photos taken from hir6.hu
3. Saturday afternoon we went to a garden party. There was BBQ, a pool for the kids. We all had a great time.
4. Then Saturday night I went to my good frend’s bridal shower.
I drank rose wine and had a good time.
Here is the bride:
We got penis straws! HMMMMMMM 🙂
5. Sunday was my niece’s  9th birthday party. It was held at Aquapolis WATERPARK. lots of pools and water slides. She had 3 cakes! BB#2 really enjoyed the party 🙂
6. BB#1 was not so lucky 😦 He came down with a fever by the end of the party 😦 He was 39.1 CELSIUS by the time we got home.
7. So we have been home sick since then 😦 Our pediatrician is on holiday, so I have not taken him to any doctors 😦 But it is probably a virus.
8. This is the last week he can go to preschool. Next week the summer holiday starts and after that he will start the elementary school. So I am hoping he recovers fast and he can at least go for a day or two to say his good byes!
9. I am exhausted from being up at night for 3 nights now (1 bridal shower and 2 with sick kid).
10. Wednesday I have to take BB#2 to the pediatric cardiologist for his follow up. Please think of us. I am sick of bad news, I just want to hear good news.