The Husband and I met 7 years ago today. We met on an on-line dating site called He wrote me and we started exchanging emails. He had a really small webcamera  photo of himself so I was hesitant at first but after 1 week of emails he asked if we could meet. We met in front of the University Library and went to a greek restaurant then for a stroll. It turned out that we went to the same elementary school, but we didn’t remember one and other. After knowing each other for 2 weeks (out of which I spent one week in Rome with a friend:), we moved in together. He started talking about kids really soon, and after a visit to a book store where we looked at a book of baby names, we named out future baby Helena.  Well Helena never happened but we are blessed with 2 beautiful boys:) After 8 months we were married and after 1 year and 6 weeks Blackberry #1 was born.



Have you ever tried on-line dating?

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