11 Month Update



Blackberry #2 is 11 Months old.






Height/Weight: I have no new data. I think he must be around 8 kilos.




Teeth: Finally the first tooth has arrived! Yeah! And I just noticed this morning that the second tooth has made its apperance, with 2 more on the way! But still lots and lots of drooling.



 (It is hard to take a picture of his tooth 🙂


Sleeping: Blackberry #2 is sleeping through the night in his crib with the monitor on. He wakes up between 5-6 am.In terms of naps, he takes 2 naps.




Both boys sleep in sleeping sacks. In this photo it looks like Blackberry #2 is checking Blackberry #1’s pulse 🙂





He still drinks formula 3-4x a day. He eats vegetable purees with meat (mostly chicken) for lunch, then he has a fruit puree and joghurt once a day, and he also has Sinlac (Baby Porridge) once a day. He tried baby biscuits 2 times this month.






Sizes: Blackberry #2 is wearing mostly 9-12 months clothing and size 3 nappies.








  •          He has teeth!
  •          He is good at sitting now!
  •          He is doing funny faces now 🙂


Things that happend to Blackberry #2 and things Blackberry #2 you likes to do:


  •          He likes to play with his brother.
  •          He likes to play with his books, blocks, musical toys.
  •          He attended his brothers birthday.



Doctors we are still seeing: Pediatrician, Neonatologist, Neurologist, Cardiologist, Ophthalmologist,
Physical therapists.