9 Month Update


Blackberry #2 turned 9 months on Sunday.

Height/Weight: Blackberry #2 weighs 7.1 kilos  (15.65 pounds). I don’t know the exact height, last time they measured it was 69 cm (27.165 inches), but that was weeks ago, so probably more.

Teeth: Still no teeth. Just lots and lots of drooling.

Sleeping: Blackberry #2 is sleeping through the night in his crib with the monitor on. He wakes up between 5-6 am.In terms of naps, he takes 2-3 naps.

Eating: I have stopped breastfeeding about two weeks ago, because I had to get a steroid shot in my wrist because of arthritis inflammation. They said I couldn’t breastfeed after getting that for at least a week. It seems he does not miss it, so we might just stop, since he was feeding really small amounts before we stopped anyways.

He still drinks formula 4-5x a day. He eats vegetable purees with meat (mostly chicken) for lunch, then he has a fruit puree or joghurt once a day, and he also has Sinlac (Baby Porridge) once a day.

New things he tried this month: joghurt, cottage cheese, grated cheese, egg yolk, liver, apricots and one bite of ice-cream (strawberry cheesecake flavour) (He grabbed the cone from Grandma’s hand and helped himself).


Sizes: Blackberry #2 is wearing mostly 6-9 months clothing and size 3 nappies.


  •          He can roll over in both directions.
  •          He can get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth.
  •          He reaches and grabs things.


Things that happend to Blackberry #2 and things Blackberry #2 you likes to do:

  •          He took 2 mini vacations.
  •          He likes to play with his brother. He likes grabing his hair and nose.
  •          He likes to play PEEK-A-BOO.
  •          He likes to bang his hands on the table when sitting in someone’s lap.